Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Antique Queens

Lana, owner of Antique Queens in Rockdale Tx is having a one year Anniversary celebration this Saturday, March 7th at 9:00 am. She owns a multi-dealer shop and the only dealer that I know that I always stop and check out is Janet Romaine of Rubbish & Company. She's doing so well with the shop that she's expanded to the building next door.

The shop is located at 106 W. Cameron Ave in Rockdale, TX 76567 (512) 446-4655. If you are anywhere near Austin, Waco, Temple, Bryan/College Station or anywhere in between stop in and celebrate with them. They have a wide variety of things to choose from.

Here are preview pictures of the shop:

I'm also helping her create her blog. Go over and welcome her to blogland and check out her shop if you are in her area.


  1. Nice of you to help her Theresa....I'll visit her often!


  2. Thanks for sharing the photos, I always love them. I enjoyed seeing "Temple" listed among the towns in Texas. My mom was born and raised there! I'll go check out the new blog and leave a comment. Thanks again for the cool pix's! Take care, Sue

  3. I sure wish I lived closer...I'd be visiting for sure! What a great friend to help out ;D

  4. Thanks for the birthday wish :)
    I'll go meet your friend...her shop looks great.

  5. I've told you and told are missing your calling!

    Looks like a great shop. Of course, Janet always has such fun stuff.


  6. Love a new blog!! Would also love to shop at all these wonderful places!! Hope this finds you well, Chrissy


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