Sunday, March 01, 2009

Where's all the people and stuff?

Today we headed out to Warrenton Texas to check out the scenery. We loved driving through Brenham and Burton and seeing all the pretty blue bonnets that are already blooming, even the dog wood trees are budding. Isn't it too early for these, but maybe they think it's already Spring with the crazy Texas weather we've had. Once we hit La Bahia, Carmine and Round Top it's a really different place minus all the people and stuff that you would normally see during Antiques Week. Where were all the bumper to bumper cars and crazy women passing in no passing lanes to hurry and get to a show before all the goods are gone. Yes, one season a girl in a black Suburban was in such a hurry to get to Marburger she was passing in no passing zones just to wait in line for the show to open. Crazy, but I've seen so much more I could tell you, but I'm sworn to secrecy because what happens in Texas stays in Texas (ha ha)!!

You could tell the show promoters are getting their fields ready to welcome the crowds that will start arriving in less than two weeks. I have several friends that will already start heading that way around March 15, so it'll be here before you know it.

Here's what the show grounds look like during the year, without the shows going on:

Zapp Hall right where the Junk Gypsy's normally are, where's the suburban:

Marburger Farms looks really different, no people, tents, or cars lined up blocking the traffic:

Here's Clutter, minus the clutter of people and stuff. You can see Ex-Cess and Cole's in the distance:

Last but not least was Bar-W. No Renee or Susan could be found, but wait a few weeks and this place will be transformed as well.

Are you getting excited about these shows. I sure hope so, there will be lots of cool things I'm sure and there are always great people that come out. In one of my future posts I'll be showing a map where all the places not to be missed are. Happy trails!!


  1. How exciting! I hope to be going next week to check out my spot! YeeHaw!!!

  2. I wish I was going! I havent been in two years. Eat some pie for me at The Pie Mans cafe.

  3. I get my trailer home in the morning,and can't wait to get to my space, I had to find a new TT [short for Trailer Trash] roomie since my old one will be living in a Canned Ham!! getting all excited and am raring to go!!!
    Maybe Donna won't fall asleep on me!!

  4. Hey sweetie!

    Thanks for droppin' by at the Yaya! Got some really good treasures in Montgomery this week! See you before you know it! xo...deb

  5. Ah bluebonnets... I miss blue bonnets! Texas is so vast and they just look like a big ocean of purple and blues. I haven't thought about bluebonnets in years. Yep, if you're seeing bluebonnets... it's spring.
    Pink Hugs, Tedi

  6. Sure does look different without all the excitement of the shows! But guess what?? I'll be there for the excitement! I'm setting up in the big tent at the Texas Rose Antique Show (across the street from Marburger). I'll be down to see all the good stuff you have! And the blogger party! And the prom! Can't wait!!!!

  7. Fun to see the place empty! Glad you got to drop by the YaYa's!

    The Texas Woman

  8. Ohhhh I am sooo pumped! Dear lord, is it tooooo much to ask for a few extra hours in each day until I leave for Round Top, & BTW can you send some money too.....

  9. Theresa,

    We are SOOOOOO Excited! Our FIRST show, and to be Roomies with Ms RENEE?!?!? She may be disappointed with my ability to stay awake late at night, but I will make up for it during the day!
    C you all SOON!!!

  10. I SO wish I could be there!
    Take care, Sue

  11. Once again you are teasing me with your posts,do wish you would stop!! Can't wait to see the photos, lucky girl!!!

  12. How exciting! I can't wait to get there for all the fun. But first, all the hard work....See ya soon, Susan

  13. DH and I used to love to ride our bikes out that way...but only when there was NO shows going on!

  14. Oh, Theresa! You can't go until you play our Treasure Hunt! Come on over and sign up! We want you to play!

    Malisa and Karen

  15. Theresa, when you get a minute will you let Deb know I am thinking of her and her family and was glad to hear things are better. I can't get her word to load and thus can't send her a note. Thanks

  16. It looks so peaceful, so quiet and serene.....the calm before the storm. Oops....take that back....storm is not a good word for a show description!

    Look forward to seeing your posts!


  17. It really looks so different! I am missing it all! I am sending all my good luck (and my cohort) for a successful show for all our friends!
    xo lulu

  18. All the pictures of your stuff just makes me melt! Oh how I wish Texas was closer to me! My friend Janna and I even Googled it to see how far a drive!! Sounds like you all just have the time of your life! We'll get there one day!!
    Thanks for all the great pics!

  19. I love seeing the empty fields. It's like the blank pages at the beginning of a good book. You know there is so much to come, you just can't get the pages turned fast enough... Looking forward to meeting you!! xoxo, fancy@cactuscreekdaily

  20. Theresa,
    Would it be ok for me to use one of the photos from your Texas post....I am creating an event for Marburger farms on my facebook account and I don't have any photos of the entrance...just let me know if it is ok...

  21. I have never been, but want to go this year. I'm glad you'll be posting the best places to go. It sounds like you have a little bit of experience!


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