Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My Booth at Zapp Hall

I thought I would start this post with showing you my space at Zapp Hall and all the fun I had with it. TOT came down one evening and I always love that she helps me during set up time; she always has great ideas.

At the show, we bought a new tent and I know it helped during the wind and rain that we had and I think it showed off my things even better:

This table set up was probably one of my favorites. Several customers commented on it and yes it all sold.

Had a little bit of Ralph Lauren displays going on, or at least I thought so.

I just love clocks, moss, frames and repurposed mirrors (the glass was missing, so I glued a vintage picture with buttons on the them).

I see shells, sea urchins, and corral. Everyone wanted to buy my corral, but sorry it's not for sale.

Another view of the table.

Ironstone of all kinds. All the white mirrors sold-I just loved them all. That's the hard part for me because I could literally keep it all, but then I'm not sure my family could live with it all, my house is full enough.

This is a TOT original display. Isn't she good.

Here's another one of her handy work. As soon as she put the aquarium display up, it quickly sold. Thanks TOT!

Of course eggs and moss were ready for Easter Breakfast. The cloches went pretty fast too.

The picture above was the setting for the Blog Party. I'll probably do a post on this great event later this week.

While it was hard work setting up, the only part I didn't enjoy was the 40 hour winds that blew through one day and broke several things--that was a nerve racking day. We experienced the heat and cold and rain, but then again it is Texas. Blink and the weather will change.

Thanks to all the customers that came out and bought and for all the great people that stopped in just to say hello. I always enjoy meeting new people that actually have seen my blog but maybe have never commented and I always enjoy visiting with my friends that I've made through the years. I really appreciate you all!!


  1. I absolutey LOVE that you took all these pictures! I see all kinds of neat things that were gone by the time I got there. Beautiful, Theresa. ~Mindy

  2. Great, great booth, Theresa.

    The Texas Woman

  3. Hey Miss T, I had so much fun with you and you are just the hostess with the mostess. Your space looked FABULOUS. And I loved the set up for the party, even though I missed it. Next Spring you are going to be tired of me cause I am coming for the whole show. And I am going to speak Mexican the whole time!!!!!!!!!!!! Lauri@chippys

  4. Hate that I missed everything this year I know I missed lots of stuff.. But worth it to have my time with Miss Bella.. And me and Bella will be out for shop come fall..

  5. So fun to see, very nice displays and I hope it was a good good sale for y'all!
    I wish I lived closer to some of you fun sellers!

  6. Theresa, it says a lot that you are able to share all the pics and fun you had. I know how it is when the weather is bad at an outside show and yet, you barely mention it. You're the bomb!

  7. Love it all, you do so great with all of your displays. Thanks for the eye candy.

  8. Great photos and great stuff.

    You mentioned your love of clocks. I also love old clocks and have several mantle type pieces. I want to start a collection of "nine day" clocks and am wondering what is your opinion of a good price on those? I'm sure it depends on many things, but I've not found one less than $40. Is that a good price? It was in good working condition.

    Just wondering... when you have a minute. You can email me at dayle@dayleshockley.com with your expert opinion. Thanks!

  9. You booth is kicking rear, I love it all!!! Your displaying is fabulous! janna

  10. Your booth looks soooo fabulous, Theresa! I see so many amazing things and your displays are just so amazing. In the fall it looks like I'll be bringing along a buddy of mine who is a curator and director of an art gallery - I think she'll be amazed by the art she sees at the show. p.s. It's so nice that you all help each other out.

  11. You pay so much attention to detail and put things together so well! I love your look! Angie

  12. Your booth looks wonderful in the photos, but it looked even more fantastic live and in living color(or in black and white!). So happy y'all made it home safely!

  13. Everything is absolutey beautiful! Fantastic booth. Glad to hear that you did well.

  14. Got your email. Thanks.

    Actually, the clocks are called "eight day" clocks. (my bad)

  15. I was too busy visiting and drinking to do any shopping! Slap me next time and bring me back to reality! You had great stuff in your booth!


  16. I love visiting the Texas shows through your fun pictures! You had a lovely booth! ~Mandy

  17. A really nice display. I bet you did great! xo Joan

  18. Your space was MY FAV! You got me hooked on ironstone pitchers. I am on the hunt to start my new collection.

    xoxo trailer trash

  19. Your booth looked fabulous!! Wish you'd join us at the Junk Bonanza. The weather in Minnesota is usually pretty nice in September...I loved all your displays, there is nothing cooler than a whole bunch of ironstone!
    Great job!

  20. So great to meet you in Round Top!! Most of the beauties in your pics were gone by the time I made it over there. You'll be my FIRST STOP in the fall...

  21. Hi Theresa,I have been so waiting for your pictures, they are just beautiful, I love it all especially all of the ironstone and white mirrors, awesome!! Luv, Lynn

  22. Hey sweetie!

    Great to see the pics...looks like by the time I got there just 1 day after opening...everything was pretty much gone! :) And here I thought I bought you out in Jan. :)
    But, as always your booth is beautiful....I also got a few pics for the blog. Thanks again for the blog party...you were definitely the hostest with the mostest! :)

    Glad to hear you had a great show, and tell Mr. T that Texan hubby looks forward to talking again about their old stoppin' grounds! :)


  23. I loved your wasps nest arrangements so much, thanks for posting more inspiration!

  24. I wish I could have come over to see you. Your booth was beautiful!!! I hope you had a great show. I always miss all the fun. I'm so old and tired it takes me forever to do my booth...sigh...

  25. GREAT DISPLAYS!I am absolutely loving your booth and all the pictures...


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