Wednesday, April 08, 2009

What's at the Other Shows

This post is about what you will see at the other Antique Shows and some of the great finds that are in Warrenton during Antiques Week. If you plan to come out in the Fall, you will have plenty of time to shop at the different shows because it seems we all have different opening days. We don't all open the same day in case you were wondering. You will have have to check with the individual shows to find their Fall Opening Day.

I want to start with the Clutter Antique Show. TOT, Craig, and myself attended the opening day. There's is always a crowd waiting to get in. It was funny because when Theresa called me that she was already headed that way I discovered my truck was blocked in so I had to walk the fields to get to there. There were lots to see, the only thing I bought was an ironstone stopper. I had never seen one before, it was different and cool. Clutter opening day is normally on Friday evening at 4pm.

Melonie and Brian of the Seed Box Antique's booth was already hit pretty hard by the time I went down to see them. They always open on the first Friday morning.

I just love their displays.

This booth caught my eye, it was in the fields down from the Blue Haus field. I'm not sure who it was but they had a lot of great things there.

This was Jill Suzanne's booth. She has a shop in Louisiana. She's located at the Little House on the Hill field. She always has the best smelling candles that I always have to have.

Next on our list of places to stop is with Janet of Rubbish. She's located at the Cole's Antique Show:

She finds the coolest things, ironstone, butter pats, unusual things and she's starting a new business called Sweet Talk. Since she always carries flash cards this is a new adventure to expand on this concept. Check her out at Rubbish and Co. or her new website.


  1. There is just so much talent at these's hard to believe there isn't TV cameras and press everywhere. If more magazines would cover this event, maybe they could keep their publications going. Thanks for being our good reporter! Debbie

  2. Talk about heaven on Earth...I agree with Deb, this is what it's all about, not all the homes of the rich folk...but where it all the trash!!!

    Great stuff Sista!


  3. Wow!!! I need to get there at least once.....October is just around the corner or is it? Love Tiina...

  4. Wonderful pictures !!!! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Wow, I am so grateful for you and your blog!!! You take wonderful pictures of just pure magic!!!!!

    Happy Easter!!!

  6. What beautiful pictures of a great event. I went last Friday to Warrenton and had a blast. I could have stayed for DAYS! I just posted about my visit on my blog...check it out.

  7. I swear you all just have the best junk in just isn't fair!! Love the crap out of it all !!


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