Thursday, April 09, 2009

Donnie @ Gone To Texas Show

I always have to stop in and visit with Donnie at The Gone To Texas Show whenever I go into Round Top Tx. He shares a tent with Sandy and they always find the coolest things; love his decorating eye! Their show is located on Hwy 237, right before you get into downtown Round Top and right before the Merry Christmas store if you are coming in from La Bahia. (I love that store's name). He said the next show they may be in a different location, just across the street, since the weather wasn't very kind to them either. Donnie said they lost some ironstone and other things. Too bad because I know we all work so hard to find it and I think he has a secret stash of it or can just find where as I can't find it as readily.

Here's what caught my eye:

Loved all the silver in this pic.

Doesn't this cabinet show off the ironstone so well.

They also always has lots of butter pats and unusal things, like cow pictures that I rarely see or garden ornaments. See you Donnie at the next show.


  1. I do like that ivory cabinet showing off the ironstone. Great stuff!

  2. Hey T., I just love seeing all your pics. That wind down in TX can just be terrible when you're doing the show.

  3. Wow! Great selection of ironstone! Too bad about losing pieces of it to the weather! Bummer! I didn't make it by there, so I appreciate you posting these pictures!


  4. i love your photos, esp since i didn't take any...but it makes me cringe to see all the booths we missed. but there's always next time:)

  5. He has some fantastic ironstone! Such a shame about the wind damage. This is why I don't carry it anymore...I just can't afford the breakage. Love it though!

  6. I love looking at all your antiques, I want you to stop by and look at a 1902 Antique Fainting Couch I just finished...Tell me what you think!

  7. Sorry i didn't get down to warrenton this time to see yall. I was worried the weather was not good for yall. How were sales for everyone?


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