Friday, April 10, 2009


If you have never been to Punkies Show past Warrenton Tx, headed toward La Grange, you have missed a real treat. The first time I saw this booth was on Deb's blog and I knew I had to visit. What a fun place; so bright and happy!

Love the pink awnings she had everywhere.

This shopper was just so pooped from all the shopping she did and visiting. Her feet were killing her, but she managed to smile for the camera. She said she's very photogenic and never passes up an opportunity to have her picture taken.

Now this girl was having too much fun. She was laughing so hard that she caught my attention. I think she was laughing at my white shirt, she said it wasn't colorful enough for her!

This girl would take anyone as her dance partner and here is a willing participant. Put a mexican hat on and she thinks she could automatically speak Mexican--that one's for you Laurie!!

A pink awning above the bed, too cool!!

Loved this cool bike. Don't miss this show the next time you come to Warrenton. You'll leave happier than you arrived.


  1. Well, first off who is the super model in the last photo? She is gorgeous!!! is a fun show. Diane, Nell and Donna work their a#*@s off to get everything set up. Pink and poodles are 2 of Diane's favorite things and it shows!
    Fun, fun post!


  2. Looks like my kind of place! Love the colors! Hey, wanted to let you know that I went over to Lone Star yesterday! I loved it! What a great mall and you were right, great prices too! I had wanted to head over to Go Lightly as well, but ran out of time, but for sure soon. Thanks for the tip!


  3. Holy cow! After dealing in all these whites/neutrals at my house, Punkies is a shock to the system! Fun, crazy stuff! Cruz found a new friend, huh? ~Mindy

  4. Now THAT'S my kinda shop, chickee!! Where do you find these places?!?!? Very cute, honey...

  5. If I still lived in Texas my poor husband would be more broke then he already is!;D

  6. Looks like a fun shop, Theresa!

    Happy Easter!

  7. What a great the booth...and sorry I missed it.

    Question: Do you know anyone who would be interested in buying old Life, National Geographic, etc. magazines? I have a friend who's local high school librarian told them she had many mags and didn't want to just throw them away. I know that's not your kind of "treasures" but do you know anyone possibly interested? Thanks!

  8. Happiness in a booth for sure! The people all look like they belong there in clothes, color and spirit!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    xo Isa

  9. Wow, looks just like my kind of place!!!! I'm going back to look at them closer!!!!! And yes I have to agree with Debbie, what a supermodel!!!!~

  10. Hi Theresa,
    Well that sure is bright and cheerful. Love the "lady" on the couch. Very nice photo too of you sweetie. Have a very nice Easter!!

  11. WOW...there was entirely tooo much fun had by all of you over the past couple of weeks!! We are beyond jealous!!

  12. Lovin that hot pink chair, awning, chest..... so cute! thanks for sharing! Have a Blessed Weekend!


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