Thursday, April 30, 2009

On The Road Again...

Today was another day, heading out very early, with Junkin Buddy to travel the country sides looking for things. We first stopped at the Canton Texas Flea Market and started on the grounds. It wasn't long before we found Donna of Curious Goods and Lilly of The Junk Palace in the Civic Center.

These legs as seen in Donna's booth is probably how my legs felt after having walked all the fields in Canton, but we had a blast.

Here was Donna's booth.

Loved these aqua chairs in Lillie's Booth. Don't forget these two girls also have shops in Malakoff Texas and after you visit Canton you can head down the road to see their shops.

After shopping several hours on the grounds our last stop of the day was with Judy Hill. Judy just has the most awesome displays, loved it all.

Next, we had set a date with Ms. Jo Harmon at the Quinlan Tx Trade Days. Jo has the most awesome things and I filled up a truck with some great finds.

Loved all her displays, she's been shopping herself. Check her out next time you head to Canton, worth the 30 minute drive from Canton.


  1. OMG, I haven't been to Canton in so long. Maybe it's better I haven't because I sure see a lot of neat stuff.

  2. Oh i've heard great things about shopping in Canton! My aunt and uncle go all the time. She really enjoys going there. I may have to beg hubby to take me sometime.
    Have a happy Friday.

  3. Thanks for the tour, Theresa. What fabulous displays! How about those legs?!!

  4. T-
    So good to see you and Junkin Buddy! We had a good day in the Civic Center with all that cool air conditioning, clean bathrooms and tall glasses full of iced tea, LOL. You know I have always been a Shop Girl, so this is my perfect idea of selling at Canton!

    Those grungy legs have attracted a lot of attention. One lady yesterday who I am sure came into the CC to look at jewelry saw them and looked seriously terrified. I had to pretend I didn't notice because I knew there was nothing to say to her that might have helped her understand. You know, that falls under "If You Have To Ask, You'll Never Know!"
    Hugs, donna

  5. Good Lord Theresa, those are my legs!!! Look just like them now that I am beat up and broken...Oh well, nothing a great pair of hose wont fix...Love all the pics..Great booths. Hope you had fun...Love Tiina...

  6. I am crazy about these legs...maybe because they look like my chubby little calves. Love you blog and have already added to my "Where the Wild Women Are" portion of my blog. Musings of a Sea Witch aka I Need This, Antiques


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