Friday, May 01, 2009

Life Whispers

It's the first day of May and it was such a beautiful day. Happy May Day!! It was windy at my place today, almost wish I'd had the day off and could have just been home, but it at least it was a beautiful Friday. I took a picture a while back of a beautiful chair amongst the tall grass and I just loved it.

I don't know why it reminded me that sometimes life whispers to us through various forms and instead of seeing all the beauty all around us, instead we just focus on the weeds and tall grasses instead of focusing on what we should be. What is life whispering to you, are you listening. Do you feel changes coming around the corner and you resist because of fear, negative things that's happened, or confusion. You just don't know which direction to take for fear you'll make the wrong decision. When I was growing up, Baptist of course, my family always taught me to listen to the still small voice inside me. But as time has gone on I've listened to life, whether good or bad, but I find myself still listening, praying and searching for the right answers, wishing at times my Mother could still just tell me which way to go, but I know I've got to listen to what life is whispering to me. It's not always something that will knock you off your feet, but it's the quiet that speaks to you. It sometimes warns you of danger around the corner, or to make a decision you'd never thought of, or something new will come to mind and it's just the answer you've needed. Someone might call or email just to say hello and something they say without even knowing it is exactly what you needed to hear.

When I was in Warrenton during the shows, I say two birds sitting on the electrical lines and I thought how beautiful they look, so peaceful. I'm naturally a bird watcher and could sit hours just watching them. At that time I wished I had a zoom feature on my camera, but nevertheless they still caught my attention. While watching them I thought of decisions I've recently been putting off because of the lack of direction I wasn't sure about which way to go. I'm learning to listen to the still small voice for direction and even if I make a mistake, it's okay, I'm human and I know somehow God will open another door that might have closed.

Are you listening. Listen to the whisper.


  1. Beautiful post! Lately I have had so many opportunities to share my thoughts and success on living in the Now. That whisper you speak of is so clear and much easier to hear when I live in the now, uncluttered by the past and not foggy trying to see the future. I have in the past made jokes about being hit up long side the head by God in order to get going in the right direction... I prefer his whispers so I am learning to pay attention.~Jacque

  2. What a truly inspirational post! I needed to hear that from someone else!!!!! Touched my heart girl!!!

  3. The trick is to stop long enough to listen. I find myself running like a madwoman all the time & finding it extremely hard to just sit & ponder. I plan to do more pondering this summer. Great post! Jan

  4. I'm listening! Beautiful post and I'm with you on every word of it. You know, sometimes things happen for a reason and we always don't know what that reason is. But we have to be open to change. Like you, I continue to listen to "life whispers".

  5. I am right there with you, Theresa!
    Thanks for putting into words what I've been feeling...and by doing so, it blesses (and relieves) me to know I am not alone!!

  6. Hi again Theresa!
    I love your blog and am adding it to my favorites..would you mind linking with me? If, of course, you think mine is blog-worthy!! ;-)

  7. Thanks for reminding me that the whisper is so valuable...sometimes i the roar of my life, I need to stop, shut myself up and listen so I can hear it...cause my world screams and is noisy and it whispers....and then I will flip a coin :)

  8. Pretty interesting thoughts! I love the way that all of us bloggers are such creative writers on top of all this other stuff we are all good at! :-)
    I'm patting us all on the back because no one else will!
    Great post!

  9. Its funny I haven't read a post in weeks and I just posted a new post and went to read yours...which was life whispering to me because yesterday I made a huge decision and change in my life about my business that I've been putting off wondering if it was right or not and after reading your beautiful post I now know that I made the right decision and I should just look forward and not back. You wre my whisper to let me know I did the right thing...Thanks Teresa


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