Sunday, May 03, 2009

Meet Matilda

Many months ago, I discovered Matilda's Mouse. I was in awe at their displays and the fact that they held monthly shows really intrigued me. Well, during this last Warrenton show I had the pleasure of meeting Matilda, her mom, and friends. Here's the meeting:

So nice to meet you all. Check out their post on Texas here (you'll see a picture of Matilda amongst all the doll heads at B-War that was too cute). Also, be sure and check out their website for more info., or check out their gallery for past pictures of their shows. Good luck girls with your next show and hope you come back in the Fall.


  1. I've read her blog a few times and I think Matilda is just a hoot. Debbie

  2. Hey T! Thanks for the encouragement...we can't wait to share pix of the show with you. Are you going to hitch a ride with Ma & Pa Willow when they come in August??

  3. I love Matilda's website, yet again you are driving me mad with envy....not fair that you get to go to all these things!!!Oh well, I will just have to keep coming over here...thanks for coming by ,all the best,Chrissy

  4. Oh how I miss Matlida's Mouse Antiques !! When I used to live in San Diego, I'd motor up there for their monthly show. The displays are always fabulous and inspiring, not to mention the best prices around!!

  5. Hi T
    Thanks so much for the wonderful posting and the pictures...I look just a tad warn from all that Warrenton shopping! Worth every moment though! So nice to finally meet you. Hope you can come to San Diego someday!


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