Monday, April 13, 2009

Other Vendors at Zapp Hall

I wanted to showcase the other vendors that you will find at the Zapp Hall Antique Show. Let me start with Ms. Deb herself. She is truly a one of a kind friend and well Cat Daddy, he's just famous in his own right. Take a look at their booth, just awesome. I would say that Deb has a great eye for things, but equally as good is who, Mr. Famous himself CD:

This was one of my favorite displays Deb put together, which she said changed many times. That's a good thing when things sell.

There's Ms. Hoyt herself. That's a running joke between us. She's Hoyt, I'm Toyt, check out Laurie's blog for our picture. Deb does the "Hey Girl" wave so much better than I!

This wardrobe was fab-u-lous as Deb would say...

Pretty displays and things all around, see even CD was a pretty display coming into the tent!

Smile CD you're on candid camera! Oh I forgot, that IS his happy face.

Now on to see Gina's space. Gina has such an awesome way of putting things together and her shop in Dallas is equally as cool. Unfortunately, Gina wasn't feeling well at the show and went home early, but her husband Alan didn't seem to miss a beat. He kept the showing going.

No words needed because the pictures just speak for themselves.

These next photo's are of Carolyn's cottage at Zapp:

Carolyn has awesome bedding, pillows, and a variety of things and of course her displays are always over the top. Check her out the next time you are in Canton or in the Fall back at Zapp.

And, last but not least, are the Junk Gypsy's booth. Amie, Jolie, and their mom Janie are equally talented in putting this show together. They are famous for their JG Prom each season and this is a not to be missed event. Words can't describe what you will see or the great time you'll have listening to the band, dancing the night away and just getting to see your friends, laugh, and have a great time.

Here are the girls ready to make their entrance at the prom. Doesn't little Cash look so handsome:

Of course I couldn't end this post without showing you the future JG Princess. Doesn't she look so pretty:

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post, I'll be featuring the Blog Party. I also meant to thank Debra for the beautiful cross she gave me on Saturday at Rough and Ready.

I'll be updating the Blog Shop later this week with new finds that will be for sale. Stay tuned.


  1. i've said it before - but i'll say it again - i am loving your photos so much! now i don't feel so sad about not carrying my camera around. thank you:)

  2. Toity,
    Doesn't it look like I'm holding a megaphone which is funny 'cause everyone knows you are the best cheerleader ever!
    Thanks for the shout out. Gina's booth just photographs beautifully. Hmmm? Maybe that's because she makes everything look beautiful.
    XOXO Hoity

  3. Thanks so much for more photos. I can't wait to come down in the Fall and meet you, Debbie, C.D. and all the rest, and see all of these amazing booths!

  4. Theresa, you document everything so well. Between your great pics and description of the "goings on" everyone can get a real feel for what was there.


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