Sunday, April 12, 2009

We Interupt the Warrenton Posts

to show you where we went this weekend. We spent Easter weekend in Austin with our sons and of course we couldn't stay away from visiting Georgetown Tx. They were having their monthly street fair and there were lots of people out. The first place we stopped was a shop in Georgetown we had never been to, Cobblestone Antiques. I thought I recognized the owner Susan and the more we talked I realized I had seen her at Bar W and had visited her booth there in the past. We chatted about the shows, I found a few things, and was glad that I stopped in. They are located at 712 S Austin Ave, Georgetown, TX‎.

The next place we stopped was Gatherings Antiques. You know from previous posts that I absolutely love this shop. I love how the displays in front are ever changing and the way the store always looks with great things to be found around every turn. As soon as you walk in the door, this is the first things you see. This is ever changing which I just love. I know if I lived here I would stop in several times a week.

I just had to have the cute grayish medical cabinet. I have great things in mind for this.

Loved the place mats. In another life I think they were the bottom to chairs. Wish these would have come home with me.

Doll head in cloches, still a popular item.

Loved the white umbrellas, especially the unique one.

Transferware could be seen in abundance here.

This mannequin was so cool, it has pockets where you could put a variety of things in. Loved this display.

Loved all the white displays the best.

If you've never been, make a trip as soon as possible. You'll find lots of great treasures here. They are located at 1009 S Austin Ave, Georgetown, TX‎ and their phone number is (512) 930-2600‎.

Our next stop was at Rough and Ready, right down the street from Gatherings. I was walking and looking at various things, when I heard someone speak to me and called me by name. Now I don't really know anyone in this shop, but had been here many times, just not enough to make me think they remembered me coming in. Debra, who is pictured on the right, told me she recognized me from my blog and that she reads it several times a day. What an honor, thanks Debra!!

I always find a treasure here. As a matter of fact I found several this time. Great place to visit. I always love their gardening things they have outside.

They are located at 602 S Main St, Georgetown, TX‎; (512) 819-0463. This is another place you definately need to come and visit. You really should just make a day in Georgetown. There are many places to visit and great places to eat. Hope everyone had a great Easter Sunday!!


  1. What a fun day! Thanks for letting us come along. Happy Easter... Maggie

  2. Your pictures are great. Have been looking at them for 20 mins. and still not done. Will have to look some more. Love the big green bird cage, it is just great. Hope you had a great show. Happy Easter, carrell

  3. You're so lucky! Thanks for sharing such wonderful places with us. Easter Blessings~ Lisa

  4. Oh, the places you go! I would love to follow you around for a day. You go so many places with great stuff. It is a small world isn't it.

  5. Lucky Girl!!! Looks like you had found and certainly found the goodies!!! Love Tiina...

  6. Girl, I am in chippy heaven looking at this blog, off to work, Have a great week, Many Blessings, janna

  7. Girl I am so jealous, you have such great places to shop! I want to live in Texas so bad! Guess I'll have to come and visit you and we can go shopping!

  8. actually dear the pole barn I paint furniture in is heated so I'll end up there today....a good book will have to be for bedtime....

    love to're so faithful

  9. Thank you for sharing !!!! Your pictures and commentary are wonderful.

  10. Good to know. I'm planning on heading that way for my birthday in May. Watch out Austin...Here I come!

  11. I have shopped Georgetown recently, the ladies who own these shops are the nicest ever! Neat post! Angie

  12. Thank you so much for the tour, Theresa, loved it!!

  13. I love shopping in Georgetown! Those are my favorite shops you visited!!

  14. What awesome places to shop at! We don't have anything like that in my area.


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