Friday, April 24, 2009

So Much More To Share With You

I feel that sometimes I have so much to share with you and so little time to do this. Maybe I should hire an assistant. A friend of mine kiddingly once said she was going to get a wife to do everything that needed to be done. Maybe I should just try and clone myself. Anyways, I still have several show posts to do, but before that I wanted to show you where Mindy, her sweet sister and mom and I went for lunch on Tuesday. We met at The Farmhouse Restaurant, one of my fav places to eat. I really like the way the owners have decorated this place even though when it first opened it was so much more decorated (Yes, Ms. Judy Hill initially helped with the decorating), but since they opened they've had to remove some their great decorating items to make room for more tables, which is a good thing. They've also opened a new restaurant downtown Huntsville. So if you are in our neighborhood, stop by and check out either place.

Here's Mindy and crew:

Thanks ladies for a great time on Tuesday.

Love the huge columns and plates:

Of course I'm still a fan of awnings, wait until you see the one's I bought today.

Junkin buddy and I are headed out very early tomorrow morning on a field trip and to pick up my awnings, so stay tuned to see where the road will lead us.


  1. I enjoyed our lunch, Theresa. Thanks for meeting up with us! Can't wait to see those awning! ~Mindy

  2. i'm really enjoying your blog, and i look forward to seeing the awning asap:)

  3. Looks like an interesting those plates....It's funny you should mention getting a wife to help the only professional woman in my organization, I often remark to the other execs...that I need to get a wife like they have in order to get things accomplished at home...why do we women try to do it all???? Can't wait to see your awnings...Be well,Laura

  4. I am so excited about all the stuff that is getting donated to help lil' Bella & the family. We for sure have to have a BIG celebration when she comes home!!!

    <>< Misti

  5. Oh, I love The Farmhouse! Really good food. Yes, their decorating has been down scaled. I loved it when they had the little gift shop out front, but expansion is a good thing...for them! Isn't Mindy's family cute? Pretty group of ladies! You and Marion have fun junkin!


  6. Hey T! Keep it coming...we love hearing about all of your adventures. :o)

    The Boys of BH

  7. Oh I love those columns! I enjoy reading your blog as well. Have a lovely weekend.

  8. You have one sweet blog! I love the vintage pictures! Beautiful!

  9. I would give my eye teeth for those columns!

  10. nothing better than a good road trip.

    you deserve it


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