Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Road Trip

Very early this morning Junkin Buddy and I headed out to Georgetown and Austin Tx for several events we wanted to attend. We first went by Gatherings Antique Shop in Georgetown to check out their Spring Cleaning sale and to pick up the awnings I had bought. Of course we couldn't just go to the sale they had in the back of the shop without going through the store before leaving. You know how much I love their displays and the things they have and I did find a few more treasures. Here are pics of their shop:

We were on the road within the hour to have lunch with my son and his girlfriend at Guero's in downtown Austin. We did have time to shop at Uncommon Objects before having lunch. OMG, we saw to so many cool things and managed to fill up a bag full of things we just couldn't live without. From there on to Guerro's for a great lunch. This drink's for you Lulu (courtesy of Guero's):

Here's only a small portion of what you will see at Uncommon Objects. Their things and displays change almost daily if not weekly:

(Linda Parker's booths)

(Jeanette's booth above)

(Micki & Brandi's booth above 2 photos)

Our final stop in Austin was at the Austin City Wide sale. We always enjoy visiting with Linda Parker. She has such a great eye for the unusual. She said she's here every month or you can always find her at Uncommon Objects:

(Linda Parker's booth)

(Dealers at White Elephant)

We found a new dealer at city wide, but by the time we got to their booth, they were pretty wiped out. Seems they had a good show. Sorry I can not remember their names, but they said they live in Austin but they are in the shop, White Elephant in Dallas. Will have to make a road trip soon to check them out. I found the coolest things with them, very odd and unusual.

What a long day, but we had a blast. Tomorrow I'll post pics of what I bought.


  1. Looks like you had a great time! I missed both of those places on Sue's book tour (I didn't get there until Monday, darn)! I will have to check them out in the fall! Can't wait to see your finds!


  2. Lucky! I wish that I got to go junking today! Instead, I got to host a six year old birthday party. I know, I know. Don't be jealous! LOL

    <>< Misti

  3. You sure do get around! I would love to tag along some time. Do you go junking all the time so you'll have enough for Round Top or do you shop in earnest the closer the show gets? I would love for you to do a post on buying for the show. Like, what is the most you have ever spent on an item to sell etc. A kind of junking for selling 101 class. I'm pretty nosy huh?

  4. Wow! I'm all aflutter looking at those wonderful booths. (is aflutter a real word, or did I make it up?)

  5. Seems like I should have been with you on this little trip....Hmmmmm maybe one day. Love all the pics and The White Elephant is a nice shop but very, very pricy....Love Tiina....

  6. Oh how fun! We need places like that for us to shop in my area.
    Have a lovely Sunday.

  7. I have been to White Elephant in Dallas. It is a large shop, and very cool. See my post~
    Looks like you had a wonderful Road Trip =)


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