Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sweet Bella

If you've been reading my blog or Amy's for the past few days, you know by now that the fundraiser is fast approaching for our sweet Bella. I feel that she's all of ours baby and I feel this way never having met her, but I can't wait to teach her to speak Mexican (oh never mind that 's Lauri's job), but I can teach her to eat Mexican Food. I've heard the sweetest things that only a granny or Nana as she is fondly called could tell. And, to read about this miracle baby, well nobody could tell it any better than Deb. If you've ever doubted the hand of God just read Deb's blog and you'll see that she's just a miracle that no doctor could possibly take all the credit for her.

For those that may be new to reading about her, we are having a fundraiser starting May 1st. You can go to the Junk Sistas to buy a ticket. Please help us support Deb and Jenn (Bella's Mom) for this awesome cause and help them their medical expense. I know I would appreciate it and I know they definately would. Keep watching Junk Sista's blog for more info., but in the meantime head on over to Deb or Jenn's blogs and read about precious Bella. Here she is taking her beauty rest:

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