Friday, May 29, 2009

A Day of Junkin

Our day started out early yesterday as we headed to the Canton Tx Flea Market. I predicted correctly, it was hot and it didn't take long for the humidity to sit in, but this still did not stop us from looking for treasures. I did find a few things at the places we went to. We first saw Donna and Lillie in the Civic Center and Ms. Ethel (that's moving in the Winnie and Tulula Shop) was on the Unreserved Side. I also saw Don of Detour shopping, looking for cool things to put in his booth in Uncommon Objects no doubt. I also found a new dealer that it was their first time to set up in Canton, Peg and Bob of Gatherings are from Missouri. They had really great things as you can see:
The Blogger Party at Maggie's Place was very successful and it was so nice getting to meet Ki of The Junk Camp and Nancy of Ella Elaine. Margo was Ki's Tour Guide for this event. I first met Nancy in the field and it was funny that she recognized me first. I always try and study pictures so that I can recognize people and when I first saw her I thought she looked familiar. We had fun at the Party and as always Maggie had her space looking great. Gloria of Sweet Pea has joined her in The Veranda and her things looked gorgeous as well. Ms. Judy was there and her upcoming Open House sounds like it is going to be Fab-u-lous!! For those fans that just loved Judy Hill's space during Marburger, she has a new website you can check out here. Here are pics of our day at Canton.

Look at these shoppers in Donna's booth, they were all talking about Donna moving into Winnie and Tulula's shop.

This was Lillie's booth, liked all the white vases, buttons and things. Lillie is also moving into Winnie and Tulula's as well.

This is Nancy and Eileen. Check out Nancy's Blog or if you are in the McKinney area, both of them are located in the Antique Company Mall.

Here are the bloggers at the Party, the first lady I don't remember her name (sorry), then Donna, Margo and Ki.

After we left Canton, we then headed down the road to see Jo at Imagine in Quinlan Tx. She always amazes me with the things she has. Besides you couldn't meet a sweeter person, I could spend all day talking with her. I hope you can make it to her place soon, you won't be disappointed. Jo is located inside the Hunt County Flea Market at 9065 FM 751 #18 & 19 (she's at the very back corner on the left side of the buildings) Quinlan, TX and she's open Sat/Sun or by appointment, 903-456-4129:

Click on the above picture to view the slide show of all the things we saw on our Junkin Trip.


  1. Ugh...hated to miss it, but to many things going on right now. Oh, that one new find is awesome! OK, if you are coming in the back way (64, I think) is unreserved on the right or the left? Last time I tried to find Willow Nest and never could find those guys. Oh well, perhaps I'll go next month when it will be REALLY sweaty and hot. LOL.

    yapping cat

  2. Thanks for the pics Teresa. The gal in the pic with us is Susie Emmons, from Arlington.

    Thanks for coming, it was so good to see you. See you at Judy's in June.

  3. I SO want to live in Texas and go to all these cool places with you! Although I would have to have lots of money because I would want to buy everything!

    Take care, Sue

  4. I love all your photos. It was such a fun and inspiring day. Eileen and I loved meeting everyone and thanks for the blog links on your post.

  5. Teresa, Hi! I am finally able to get to your blog. You are on my side bar but for the past few months every time I tried to visit my computer locked up. I tried switching from Firefox to Safari and finally got on but couldn't comment. Yikes! I have found if I click an individual post I can now visit but I can't load your entire blog. So I haven't forgotten you I have desperately tried to see all the junkin going on! Looks like as usual treasures abound! Pam

  6. I just love going junking with you, Theresa! You always take us to the best places :)

  7. Looks like one full day! Is Cruz enjoying his birhday weekend? Can't wait to see what you bought! ~Mindy

  8. It all looked wonderful- sounds like you had a great time -wish I lived nearby~

  9. Me, my sister and mom are planning a trip to Canton soon. Thanks for the tips on what to check out. I will also check out the blogs you suggested. By the way, I love your blog:) ~ Margie

  10. Theresa - sorry I had to miss Canton! Looks like you gals had a fun time. Margo is a friend of mine & I SO wanted to get off work and go, but duty called...

    Thanks for stopping by. I love looking at your blog - it's so full of beautiful junk!!! I'll check back on you - take care!

  11. You live in the MOST fun place. I wish I could visit some of the great places Texas has to offer......well, except I hate to SWEAT!


  12. Ohhhh what fun! My daughter is on her way to Canton right this minute. I gave her my list!

  13. I was in Texas a couple of years ago at Round Top...and I have to tell ya, You Teaxs girls have really got it going on! We have flea markets here in Calif. but nothing like the shows you have in Texas. I can't wait to come back and go to Canton...maybe after I win the lottery!!
    Love your blog,

  14. As you can see, I didn't make it to Witchita! No need to hide in my suitcase. I think we're going to try next month! I think I got the better end of the deal...wouldn't you agree? Isn't she precious?

  15. what a great shopping trip!!!! Thanks for taking us all along!


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