Sunday, May 31, 2009

Birthday Weekend

We celebrated my husband's birthday this weekend in Austin. We ate at his favorite restaurant, The Salt Lick, and spent time with our boys. What a great time we had. We also went shopping and I found some awesome things that will be going in the Winnie and Tulula shop. Don't forget the grand opening is on June 13th!! I found a new shop (it was at least new to me) and was so intrigued by their displays. Since we visited several places, I'll be doing so many posts this week to show it to you all. Here's a sneak peak:

Blackmail Boutique-Austin Tx

Gatherings Antiques-Georgetown Tx

Antique Queens-Rockdale Tx

(Micki & Brandie's Booth) @ Uncommon Objects-Austin Tx


  1. Teresa, a Happy Birthday to your husband. How fun to spend a weekend with the boys and your husband. Have a nice week and thank you for all the pictures. Sandi

  2. Hope your husbands celebration was wonderful.
    Great antique shop!

  3. Blackmail Boutique? Sounds like Antique Week to me! Happy birthday, Cruz.


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