Sunday, May 24, 2009

Getting to know Me

Mindy tagged me and wanted to know more about me. Well, I got to thinking about this. I've been tagged in the past and have mentioned many things about myself, but I thought I would do this tag with what I am passion about. Yes, I have routines and things I do almost daily for pure enjoyment, but there may be other things you don't know about me. I'm not one to usually talk about myself, as you can tell from my blog, I like to talk about others or show you places I like to go. So here goes:

Seven things about me:

1. You've read this one before, but my daily ritual is to have coffee in bed before I start my day. Yes even on workdays, I'm up a few minutes just to enjoy my coffee. This is one luxury I'm not giving up. It just gets my day going and a good cup of coffee is essential with lots of cream and sugar.

2. I really enjoy spending time with my boys. I do this as often as possible since one lives in Austin and one still lives at home, it's hard to get them together with their schedules. But any chance I have to spend time with them I do.

3. I am an Ina Garden fan. I watch Barefoot Contessa every chance I get.

4. I'm an avid Junker and go looking for things at least once a week, sometimes more.

5. I love to cook or bake. I'm always trying out new recipes, sometimes my family is not too keen on since they are so hung up on their favorites, but I still enjoy trying new things.

6. I love to spend time alone. I feel this rejuvenates and recharges me and gives me time to clear my mind and think.

7. I love to read magazines, but now that there are so many of them folding under I've turned more to blogs for inspiration. One magazine that is back that I still enjoy is Victoria.

Speaking of Victoria, I mentioned in my Blog Shop post yesterday that I would show you what you could do with old slips. When reading the latest issue of Victoria, I came across an article that featured Susie and Mark Holts' beautiful Florida home. If you aren't familiar with them they own "The Cat's Meow" shop in Florida and they have been featured lately in several other magazines and many times in the past in various magazines. I loved that she took old slips and displayed them across a valance.

Okay, now to pick seven others that I would like to know more about.

1. Dixie @ French Lique Texas
2. Amy @ Trailer Trash
3. Deb @ What's Deb Doing
4. Tiina @ Dream in Cream
5. Lynn @ White Washed
6. Mary @ Vintage Patina
7. Zita @ Mlle Magpie

I hope everyone is having an awesome Sunday!!


  1. Oh my gosh! Are you my twin? Coffee in bed is the only way to start the day! Sweet and light, that's the way it's best!! I agree,if it weren't for blogging I would surely go into withdrawal from my favorite magazines.Love your blog. Yours is one of the first I had heard about! You have set the blogging world on fire!Have a restful Memorial Day weekend!
    Adieu, Maureen

  2. I loved getting to know you better, Theresa!!! I, too, love cooking and Ina is my idol!!! Not to mention junking, of course! Have a great weekend!

  3. Haven't been by here in a while. So I'm trying to get around to catching up on some of my peeps blogs. I hope you are having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

    I love your new blog banner. The moss against the white cups is so calming. LOVE IT!!!

  4. I love what you did! The time alone resonates for me. I really enjoy alone time, when I can squeeze it in. Thank you for playing. ~Mindy

  5. Hey there lady!!! Love your post. I will now head off to my poat and give 7 things about me....Lord can I even think of 7....Love Tiina...

  6. Wow, that was almost a little creepy to read about you. Its everything I would write about ME!!! Except the coffee IN BED part. I have my favorite chair for that. Were we separated at birth?

  7. Hello Theresa,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I could have written those very seven things! Even the coffee in bed and a son in Austin. I love your blog! So now I'm off to search you blog for your posts on Magnolia Pearl.

  8. We sure have a lot in common. I have to have at least one cup of coffee in bed (sorry no cream or sugar). I've always though Ina Garton was living my life & thankfully, I also like alone time. No sons but love spending time with my daughter. Thanks for all the info. Jan

  9. Oh, Theresa, I love hearing the little things about people. Thanks for tagging me - I will divulge some secrets about me...

  10. Theresa.... wishing you all these things & more for your Birthday! Hope your special day is filled with all the things that make your heart sing, as you do for ours everyday through your blog. You are truly a special lady & I am so glad to call you my friend.... Many, Many more Happy's!...Jo.

  11. Love my cafe avec creme, would dearly love to meet Ina Garten as I've followed her for years, am alone most of the time which gives me too much time to think, and did I say how Ina makes me feel all is right with the world when I watch her.

  12. theresa - i hope your birthday is just wonderful! surely you deserve it...i was struck by how friendly you (and your husband!) were when i wandered into your booth at round top, and fell in love with everything there. i will have to ponder what to reveal about myself...hmmm...thanks for tagging me:) i've never been tagged before and now *both* you and talking trash deb have made me feel..."interesting"!

  13. Beautiful Blog !!! Love all your pics :D Ditto Maureens Comment LOL
    Linda Marie
    Please sign my guest book for drawing !!

  14. Finally getting around to return visits... thanks for the tag... now... what shall I tell about myself?...

    I'm off for a family wedding... so "ll post my tag next week..

    thanks... blessings. Dixie

    ps... love learning more about you... and ... wish I was going to Canton this weekend!


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