Friday, June 05, 2009


The other day when we were in Austin on South Congress, we parked in a different spot than we normally do and from a distance my eye caught a very interesting shop. I could see these mannequins displayed in a window and since I'm always drawn to mannequins, I just had to check it out. I had never even heard of Blackmail, even though I' sure I've passed it many times. I just stood there outside entranced, intrigued and just loving their display windows. Remember I said in a previous post for me it's always the display windows that draw me into a shop. Even though this wasn't really an antique shop and more of a boutique, I still couldn't resist going in the front door.

This is the outside view of the windows. The antlers and cow heads were off the wall. Unfortunately, none of their mannequin or baby heads are for sale. The clerk said the owner has a passion for these.

Now that's a glass container load of doll heads. I know some of you will think this is just weird, but they are all the rage.

A small airplane hangs from the ceiling as do cool signs.

Old movie posters and the metal cabinet was really great. Display only I think is what it had on it.

More doll heads in a worn leather chair.

Another mannequin.

Another view of the window.

Stop in the next time you are near Uncommon Objects or Guero's, you'll enjoy this shop.


  1. You're the second blogger that has written about "blackmail" this week?! What's up with that... are they blackmailing you guys... just kiddin.. but you have to admit it's odd..

    the other blog is "The bunny bungalow"... which I have a button on my sidebar if you care to look... I just thought... "what a coinciedence... and I know I didn't spell that right... ;
    happy weekend... Dixie

  2. Maybe there is something in the water down around Austin!
    Cool props.

  3. Hi,
    Love your blog and I'm so glad Dixie put us in touch. I see we have similar tastes. And since we do, I have a "doll" art piece, you would love to see, over at my blog, My Ranchburger. I'll have to look up the link and send it to you. We happened into Blackmail because we saw a vintage art deco table in Luther's (Blackmail's neighbor) window that is exactly like one we refinished.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  4. I love "off the wall" displays! Thinking outside of the box really gets my attention when it comes to displays. Thanks for sharing!

    Take care, Sue

  5. Boy! It stores like Blackmail that keep Austin "WEIRD" and fun.

  6. Holy Guacamole! I don't think Lauri or I can go in there without being stripped searched upon departure. Very cool. great find. as always. ox lulu

  7. I too think the doll heads are weirdly cool in the container...

  8. Interesting,although doll heads kind of friek me out(don;t tell anyone that)....hope this finds you well, Chrissy

  9. Very weird, but delightfully so. Thanks for taking the time to take pictures so we could see too. I am a dress form nut so I would have stopped too. xo Joan

  10. I love Austin! I'll have to check out this shop when I'm down there next time! Love the cow heads and antlers - the baby heads kinda give me the heebie-jeebies!

  11. What an amazing shop...great name too, xv.

  12. Hi,
    I'm passing along a "One Lovely Blog Award" to you today. To accept it you can blog about 15 other blogs that you appreciate and enjoy.
    I love your blog -doll heads in black leather chair is so cool!

  13. Can they just make a pile of cool old doll heads in a store and not sell them? It's like a bakery having wonderful cakes that you can't buy.

  14. I LOVE the cow heads! That is so clever.

  15. Thank you for adding me to your blog list- I am so flattered!


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