Thursday, June 04, 2009

Judy's Upcoming Sale

Raise your hand if you've ever heard of or been to Judy Hill's Open House in Kilgore Texas!! Well, I have been to plenty and each time I think it's the best. I just don't know how she out does herself but she does EVERYTIME!! Okay, I want you to take out your palm pilots (does anyone still have these) or your blackberry's (or blueberry's as I call my son's) or your day planners or whatever it is that you use to remember events and mark down June 11th at 10am. This is the date for her next Open House. I promise this is one event that if you don't go and once you see my pics, you'll regret not going.

Also, I want to let everyone know that Judy has adventured out into the blogging world. A big congrats to her. You can view her new blog on her website here. Go on over and visit her and welcome her to this blog world. If you would leave her your blog address when you comment that way she can visit you as well.

I wanted to show some of her past home show pics to excite you into going. I've already planned my trip there and a friend of mine is flying in (okay she's driving her box truck to fill it up with Texas treasures) and I just can't wait for next Thursday.

Contact Judy at her website for more info. about her event.


  1. that looks so beautiful...i love that iron bed!!!

  2. My hand is way up. I was at her last Christmas show, and will not miss this one. Been looking forward to it for months.
    See you there, at opening.

  3. Yup...I'm raising my hand. And of course, you had to show that magnificent mirror. I love that thang. See you there, Miss T. ~Mindy

  4. Is that brown crunched paper on the dining room walls? I love it. Its all so rustic, yet feminine and beautiful. Those skirted chair covers are wonderful.

  5. I'm going to try and make all depends on how things come together, if you know what I mean!

  6. I saw her booth last month and it was stunning!

  7. Love love it all!! Yep, i am coming on down... (hey mindy, can't wait to catch up .. see ya there!)

  8. Judy does a fantastic job. It's always a sight to behold. Can't wait to go!

  9. theresa - i love your photos and you are a wealth of information, also! thank you so much for being such a friendly blogger; i love coming here:)


  10. Those last 2 photos sent me to the moon. Why, oh why is all of this 2000 miles away? LOL
    xo Isa

  11. Theresa ~ I really envy you! You have wonderful shops all around! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to visit Judy's blog now...

  12. love it! You are so generous to take the time to post these for us.



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