Monday, June 22, 2009

Check These Out

I wanted to introduce two new blogs to you and a new website. For those of you that shop with Jill in Warrenton Tx during Antiques Week at The Little House on the Hill field, she now has a new website that you can order from and you don't have to wait for the shows. She sells the most awesome smelling candles among other great vintage things in Warrenton. I know I usually run out of candles and have to wait until the next Fall or Spring show to stock up on them, but now you can order them online. Check out her site here. This is a small portion of what her booth looks like in Warrenton during Antiques Week, it's also normally filled with ladies shopping that you are bumping elbows:

Next on the list of ladies to check out is Kelly. She owns a shop in Boerne Tx and has new blog, Vintage Bliss & Co. Go over and welcome her to this wonderful Blogland:

And, last but not least on the list is Debra with her new blog Common Ground.

I can already tell Debra and I like similar things.

Please welcome all these ladies and stop over and visit them when you get a chance.


  1. Both these girls have awesome sites, I love the license plate stars! Thanks so much for sharing!! Janna

  2. Theresa, thankyou so much for the wonderful "mention". You are always so very generous. In just this last week of starting the blog I have been blessed so many times and have visited with some of the greatest gals. You're just the best!

  3. I am already half way there, thanks!! Chrissy

  4. Hey; thanks for the heads up on some new and wonderful sites. I can't wait to get over and take a peek at them.... I just love to visit new blogs... Have a great week.


  5. These look like wonderful places. Can't wait to check them out.


    Barbara jean

  6. Vintage Bliss does have great diplays as well, can see why you identify, yours are fantastic!

  7. Thanks Teresa for always taking such fabulous pics. ... I enjoy wishing I was there right beside you!!
    smiles, Joy


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