Wednesday, June 24, 2009

White Wednesday

Kathleen of Faded Charm asked me to join in White Wednesday and what fun this will be. Since White is one of my fav colors this is going to be easy. I thought I'd start out my first post on this subject showing some of the things that really caught my eye during this past Antiques Show week in Round Top and Warrenton. Hope you enjoy.

Magnolia Pearl's WHITE clothing

White ironstone pitchers - timeless!

White bedding and pillows - fabulous

White ironstone and dishes - beautiful

White urns and cabinet -Gorgeous!

Now before you leave check out Sharon's new blog White:

Is this not the cutiest shop, just wish it wasn't so far! Have a great White Wednesday.


  1. Ahhhh, I love this post. Lovely things in my favorite color...


  2. OOOOH!! White Wednesday.
    This is anew one to me,and I also love white, so I'll hope to join in.

    barbara jean

  3. Beautiful! I love white dishes!

  4. Oh, I love the whites, especially the cabinet. I love the little building, too!

  5. I jumped in the "Way Back Machine" and went and read your very first fun was that!

  6. I am drooling over Robin's booth.
    And you have made my day. What a great post!
    Here is a question for you if you would be so kind to answer.
    I am going into a shop and I love the Romantic style in whites and pinks and greens and I love the whites and creams and browns. What do you find draws people these days? I am excited about this venture and have alot of respect for your style.
    And big hugs

  7. It was funny, but I didn't know about "White Wednesday" when I did that post. I saw yours, and thought "oh no, I don't want to try to be a copy cat!" Maybe I'll join in, because I have a ton of "White" stuff, much of it in my garage! Thanks for stopping by and leaving the sweet comment.
    p.s. check your comments please, I made a boo boo, and I don't know if I left the comment earlier. Am I the only one, or is it hard to get a comment posted due to all the "identity" choices? Oh well, that just proves I don't know who I am sometimes. LOL

  8. Isn't white the most calming, yet powerful color! Love the idea of White Wednesday! Where is this darling shop? (I know, I know...Texas and I' in California...but who knows I just might hop on a plane ones of these Wednesdays...grin)

  9. Hey girl, thanks for the plug...this will be a fun game to play, since so many of us love white...although the only white in my house are the original plaster walls, I continually take all the fun stuff to the stores...soooo not fair!!!


  10. Oh my!! What a heavenly little place, so many treasures!! Hope your having a good week!! Chrissy

  11. Gorgeous post Ms. T! Love the "little house"! Hope to see you this weekend! xo...deb

  12. Hi
    Just have to say how great everything looks...wowo love that lace top of Magnolia Pearls. And all the other don't see to much of that around here. At least not anymore. But I havn't gotten out in awhile. Love your eye.

  13. Enjoy your great blog and ZAPP is soon!


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