Monday, June 01, 2009

Shopping Trip

I have a lot to share with you. Not only do I want to show you all the fun places that we went this weekend, but I also have some exciting news I want to tell you about. This post I'll start out showing you what was at Gatherings in Georgetown. I just love this shop and Stephanie and Cathy are so much fun to talk to. Gatherings is one of those shops that you don't want to be rushed through. You want to take your time and peek in every little cubby hole so that you don't miss seeing all the goodies.

Their displays are constantly changing and you just never know what you'll find there:

Gatherings is located at 1009 S Austin Ave in Georgetown, TX or you can reach them at (512) 930-2600.

This past week I was tagged by Lisa at La Rustique Market and Mindy at Primitiques 'n Poetry. That want to learn more about me, but I think I've just about covered it all, well at least what I'm willing to tell you!

Let me see:
1. I'll retire in about 4 years. Want to guess what my next job will be?
2. I have a new puppy, Molly, that was abandoned at work. She was so skinny you could see her bones. She's now fat and happy, kinda like her new momma.
3. I grew up on a farm, eatting fresh veges, making mud pies and didn't come in until dark.
4. I'm the oldest child and yes still try and boss my siblings around.
5. I married very young, don't ask, just very young.
6. I have very vivid dreams at night and I dream in color. I've even dreamed of towns/places I've never been to and once came upon a house I dreamed of but never seen until that moment. Talk about a surprise. How can you dream of a place you've never been to.
7. I believe in God and believe that miracles still occur. If you're unsure head on over to Deb or Jenn's blog and see for yourself.

If you feel like playing along with this tag considered yourself picked.

Head on over to Antique Queens and see the photos I took of their shop this weekend.

Today is my husband's official birthday, even though we've celebrated all weekend!! Off to dinner, but before I go I do have something special to share with you on Thursday and I have a friend that's coming in for this awesome event!! Can't wait to share.

One more thing, I still have Uncommon Objects and Blackmail to share with you, doesn't it sound interesting.


  1. You're having to dig deep and reveal more...I love it! I also dream in color and vividly. So vividly that one night I woke C.D. up to ask when we had gone to a certain place on a was that real to me! Wasn't it fun growing up where you could stay outside until dark? I hope you keep getting tagged so that you have to reveal fun secrets! I know you were like me and got married in diapers!!!

  2. Molly?! You've been holding out on us! I love that you got a new puppy...and a rescue, at that! Pictures, please. Gatherings looks amazing. Can't wait to see what else. Happy b-day to the man. ~Mindy

  3. love the photos!!! and I agree that puppy is lucky to have you!

  4. I too have wild and vivid dreams and as a child and even now I actually get up and do things in my sleep as part of the dream. And I got married (the first time) at the wee age of 19. Talk about diapers! Anyway--happy birthday to Cruz from his Florida brother Mr. Sweet Pea!!! Love ya girl!


  5. I love that large oval frame and the wall shelf. Could you please tell me something? I don't get the decapitated doll heads I see everywhere. What on earth do they do with them?

  6. I could get into so much Fun trouble if you and I ever hung out together. What a great shop!
    I loved learning about you today.
    I got married young too. 17 We are celebrating 36 years today.

  7. Great pics of gatherings, but I want to see photos of Molly! Angie

  8. Love all the pictures you posted!! I'm jealous of all the great treasures you get to see. I really need to get out more. If you see someone hiding in the back of your car when you are out junking -- that would be me! Waiting to see a post about your new puppy.... Maggie

  9. That frame in the first shot is killin' me, don't find them like that much.

    Isn't it funny how we all drool over each others stuff and sooner or later we run into it somewhere, but that's half the fun in the game...the hunt!

    Seems like things are pickin' up just can't keep us crazy Americans down can ya...we gotta shop and we gotta there anything else...well maybe chocolate and lots of it!!!

    Hope Mr. C. had a wonderful wishes from Ioway!

  10. Thanks for sharing!! It was great to know we only a moment away from God's miracles! We just have to believe and recieve!! I so ejoy your blog thanks for sharing.


  11. Great antiques! I can't wait to hear about your shop! Blessings.

  12. thanks so much for those photos. i love gatherings. i can't go in there because i spend too much money....oh.
    i plan to make at least one more trip there before i move up north. i won't find another shop like that anywhere. i just know it.....
    take care.....

  13. What I wouldn't give to make a trip to that FABULOUS antique shopping bonanza! It looks like tons of fun....


  14. Gee Whiz....Such eye candy. Looks like I need to plan a trip to Austin. Of course these days a trip for me is crossing the road....Love Tiina...


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