Monday, July 20, 2009

Dallas Design District

On our trip into Dallas, the first place we stopped was Boulevard Emporium located at 1010 N. Industrial Blvd in Dallas. I had no idea this shop is going out of business until I got there and discovered many many things discounted at 75% off! That was the first of the truck load of things I found. So glad we stopped here first.

They sell vintage clothes, shoes, fabrics, curtains, furniture, a mix of it all. I found a lot of millinery flowers I had been searching forever for, a swimsuit that was just too cute, and red transferware dishes. Stay tuned it'll all be for sale on my blog shop.

The next place we went to was The White Elephant. This place is a feast for the eyes. So many cool displays were everywhere. I love Luann and Kaci's of Patina Green's displays, they always have the best ideas and things. Here's a peak into their booth:

Next, was a girl in the very back of the shop that had some really cool garden white pieces. Here was her booth:

Loved the tall piece that I guess went on top of a building and the rusty garden arbor.

Here's another booth that caught my eye:

I took so many pictures of this shop. To continue the tour of White Elephant, click here. They are located at 1026 N. Industrial Blvd.

Next, we stopped at Lost and Found. These are two shops located right down the block from each other also on N. Industrial Blvd. Lots to see there, just not much to buy. I did however, see my chairs that were sold to one of the owners. They've found a new home and greeted me as I walked in the door:

We then headed towards Gina's shop. It's such a beautiful place and so much inspiration could be seen in every corner. I'm sure you've seen her things if you've ever shopped at Zapp Hall. Her tent is the big one that backs up to Carolyn Westbrook's cottage. Love her style:

Check out Gina's blog to see more of her shop and her weekly sales. To see more of Gina's shop, click here.

After we left Industrial Blvd., we headed out to find Dolly Python and Curiosities. I had heard of these two shops, but Gina reminded me about Dolly Python. Now, this shop sells a lot of vintage clothes with a mix of oddities thrown in. One of the vendors here also sets up at Uncommon Objects and I immediately recognized his things. They are just off the wall cool and different:

Dolly Python
is located at 1916 N Haskell Ave.

The last place we went was Curiosities. I have never seen another shop before this one that reminded me so much of Uncommon Objects. They had vignette after vignette filled to the brim with cool things. I could have spent a lot more time here, but we were pretty much shopped out by the time we made it to this place. Next time we're in Dallas, I'll stop here first to take more time looking. Curiosities is located at 2025 Abrams.

Now I took so many pictures of each of these places, that I had to create a slide show. You don't want to miss any of the pictures, so click here to continue the tour. We also stopped at City View and you can see some of their booths in the slide show.

Tomorrow, I'll be featuring Carolyn's Summer Market. She invited several of my friends and their spaces were over the top. I also got a mini tour of her home, which was just beautiful. They've redone one of the cottages on their property, so check back for another inspiring place.


  1. it all looks wonderful...i can't wait to see more!!!

  2. Wow! You did go shopping! Can't wait to see Carolyn's home.

  3. Oh man! What a great trip. I wish I could have been with you. I just love these types of road trips where you visit many different shops. Can't wait to see more pics. Sea Witch

  4. Oh Man, what a fun road trip you had to all of these wonderful shops. I will have to come to the Dallas Design district one day and follow your footsteps through these spectacular shops. Love you new header. I have a Victorian postcard of piglets and dachsunds running which is a personal favorite of mine. Sea Witch

  5. Just stopping by your reporter's desk to say thanks for all the support. It is much appreciated.

    The Texas Woman

  6. Fun day! Power shopping, no fair that it makes us tired!

  7. I love it when someone has a style that is uniquely their own...that's my Gina! Some may try and copy her, but they might as well give up...she can't be duplicated. You know what else...her and Alan are the sweetest couple who really are that nice!
    L&L are another power couple that cannot be matched for style, merchandise and displays. Love her look.
    Y'all were busy, busy, busy!

  8. Well my gosh, alot of things caught my eyes in those pics. Love the antlers & the mannequin!! The white Elephant looks way to cool!! And yes, I agree you need to go back for the picture!! I always leave somthing behind everytime I go out to shop that I should've got....You just gotta go back for it! Blessings, Janna

  9. OK, now I have to drive to DALLAS....... I am ashamed to admit I have never been through those shops. Where have I been? Thanks for the enlightenment. Great photos, BLOG QUEEN!!!

  10. Love the first picture on your blog! It evokes a sense of mischief and humor.


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