Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Carolyn's Summer Market

I hope you were able to make it out this past Saturday to Carolyn Westbrook's Summer Market, but if you didn't, all I can say is you missed it!! Deb, Linda, Carolyn, and her friend Rebecca turned the tent and log cabin into a magical place. Here's pictures of their spaces:

Rebecca's beautiful creations-Heaven To Earth is the name of her business and her dry botanical floral creations are just so beautiful.

Deb and Dan's space. Loved the chairs and Industrial table.

What a dreamy bed.

Linda and Ludmil's creative touches can be seen in their things.

Here's one of the cottage's that Carolyn and her family have been working on. Isn't it just beautiful:

I got to actually tour some of Carolyn's home and it was so much prettier than the book could have shown you. This was what you saw in her entry way:

I want you to see more of her gorgeous place, so click here to continue.

It's a good think Carolyn had security, I'm sure they could have protected everyone if needed! They were just too cute.

What a beautiful place and a great way to end the day on a swing filled with beautiful linens. That's Carolyn mom in the background. Sorry I didn't remember the other ladies name.

Tomorrow we'll head to Geronimo's.


  1. What a wonderful place to be last weekend, Theresa. Just lovely!

  2. I'm so glad you and Cruz stopped by otherwise there would be no photos to show how pretty everything was. Carolyn is a talent and a visionary with impeccable taste! Wasn't that swing bed clever?
    I'm just sorry I didn't get to see and visit with y'all. Happy belated anniversary!

  3. Wow, I knew it would be awesome! Would love to see Carolyn's home in person! I'm having a giveaway--tell the masses!! Hope you'll enter!


  4. As always, great pictures that make me want to come visit more than before. It blows me away to see such awesome displays in tents! Talented, talented, people!!

  5. Oh....how I wish I could have made it out! I am only an hour away! Just had previous commitments...Grrrr! Thanks for sharing....I hope to be able to make it next time!

  6. Love your header and I need that white bed.


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