Wednesday, July 22, 2009

White Wednesday @ Beverly's

Today is time for another one of Kathleen's White Wednesday posts and I wanted to feature a shop we found during our trip this past weekend. It's one of those shops that's off the beaten path and worth the drive. Beverly's Shop is located in a small house with only 4 rooms, but it's packed to the max. There was already a small crowd there when we arrived and by the time we left, there were ladies carrying things in and out. She said she was really low on merchandise, but I still managed to find a lot. Beverly, really knows how to find great things. Take a peek and tell me what you think:

From there we headed on to San Antonio. We found a new shop per Kristi's suggestion, sorry I didn't take any pictures of Vina's place, but she's located at 1722 Blanco Road (I'm guessing on the address since I wasn't sure of the exact address) and she presently doesn't have a sign up. She's calling her place Junker's Paradise. And even though I had to wait on her 2 hours, I can tell she is on the hunt probably daily for new things. She doesn't open until late, I think around 1:00 pm unless she's on the hunt and then it's more like 4:00 pm but she does stay open late until around 8:00.

From there we headed to Ironside Market. This appears to be an antique shop from the outside, but once you go inside it's set up different more like a Flea Market. There are individual booths in the building and each owner of the booth sells things and you pay them directly rather than having one central location to pay for things. It was interesting to visit, but didn't find anything that caught my eye.

Tomorrow we'll head to one of my favorite shops in Austin.


  1. You didn't buy that urn? That looked pretty cool!

  2. Thanks for the info, I live in San Antonio, and I didn't know about the shop on Blanco. I'll have to go and check it out.

    Carol Casey

  3. that shop looks SO amazing...she really does have it loaded with all sorts of wonderful goodies!!!

  4. Love Beverly's kind of shop!


  5. All that white, crammed into one space...wonderful! My kind of place.

  6. It will be hard to get out of there with nothing...we can see lots of stuff calling our names!!!!

  7. Is the Iron Side Market in San Antonio. We go to San Antonio alot would love to find some junk places to stop at while we are in the area.

  8. It amazes me how MANY wonderful shops there are in Texas. I think there has to be a trip in my very near future! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!
    My Best,

  9. Where was Beverly's shop exactly?? I would love to stop by there when I go to cover a horse show in San Antonio this Fall.

  10. Hi
    It all looks very cool, especially that urn. Sounds like a fun trip.
    Have a great Wednesday

  11. I Love Beverly's shop ! Did she say she was low on mechandise? It looked nice and full to me .Sue

  12. Oh My Goodness!!! Didn't that just look like a great time waiting to happen....wish I'd been there too! :-)


  13. Tonight I am going to have to break it to my Irish family....we are moving to Texas....see you soon!!!!

  14. What is it with texas having so many wonderful shops. I see some things in Beverly's shop I wouldn't mine having right now. Low on Merchandise well she must really load that place up with goodies.

    Enjoy you day-

  15. I printed out a copy of this post to give to didn't print, however...but I figure she knows what her own shop looks like, right?! Glory B's is so beautiful...thanks for sharing the love. I know she'll be thrilled. Watch for my Vina post... coming soon... Kristi


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