Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's Bella Time

Today is the pink shower for Ms. Bella. If you aren't familiar with her, of course I'm not sure how this could be, but maybe you are new to my blog so let me explain. Ms. Bella made her debut into this world on March 12, 2009 (this happens to be my son's birthday too, so how could I forget) weighing barely ONE POUND, yes sir you read right, ONE POUND. But as her proud Momma put it, "She has much attitude and hates to have her stats done. Loves to hold on to all the things attached to her and never stops moving her little toes.. I can't imagine who she gets her attitude from..." I bet I could guess, let's see there's her Nana and then there's Momma and that's just one side of the family.

But you know what it's this attitude that has brought her this far. That and thanks to many prayer warriors. So today we celebrate Ms. Bella. So go on over to her Nana's blog and have yourself some dessert and Bellini's, but not until at least 9ish...

Here she is all pretty in pink:

Hopefully, she'll be home soon. Can't wait to hear this news.

And, speaking of babies, I thought I'd show you my little babies, well they aren't little anymore, but I guess they will always be my babies:

Our oldest son Brandon was born on March 12, 1982.

Mark, our youngest son, was born on August 20, 1987.

Here they both are with their dad and nephew, I think Mr. C is either shrinking or they've continued to get taller. Oh my how time flies.

See ya at the party...


  1. Great pictures of Mr. C and your boys!

  2. I had the privilege of meeting one of your boys. Such a sweetheart. I am sure you are proud of your babies! ~Mindy

  3. Great post for the "Bella-isimo", and your two good looking young men. You're right, Jenn will be wondering where the time is flying pretty soon, herself.

  4. She is a miracle baby...and so pretty in pink!

    Doesn't it make you sad sometimes to see your kids grow up so fast?

  5. I must have something in my eye...can't see the words! Just let me blow my nose and I bet I'll be able to see just fine.
    Thank you for being my friend. Your boys were beautiful babies and are now handsome men!

  6. Little Bella is so sweet and what an extended family she has......... Your guys are very handsome too! You have the best in life a wonderful husband and boys... Sandi


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