Wednesday, July 29, 2009

White Wednesday & Christmas in July

It's time for another post of Kathleen's White Wednesday and with the somewhat cooler weather we've had in Texas these past few days, of course how much cooler does it have to be from 100 degrees, I guess I've got Christmas on my mind. Probably just wishing and praying that cooler weather would hit Texas. It's cooler in Washington where my sister lives and cooler in Michigan where my Mother's family lives, but the weather is always hot hot hot in Texas.

Actually, I was going through some of my magazines and came across an article by Matthew Mead and with his and Ki's new magazine deputing in the Spring 2010, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get you excited to see what great things they will publish with each issue.

For me, white at Christmas is the ultimate color of celebration. I love the different tones you can use and this picture shows just how beautiful it can be, almost like a winter wonderland inside your home. Even if it doesn't snow in your area, you still get the wonderland feeling.

Look at how pretty you can use nature (twigs) to brighten any space. White is so soothing and relaxing.

Now, white can be used even in your cooking. Love the look of the white icing dripping on the side of the cake, reminds me of the cakes my aunt used to make with a 7 minute icing. And the vanilla cake, well it was just awesome. Please add a dip of blue bell ice cream and we were all happy.

White cupcakes, white cheese cake and of course the ultimate white dessert, pound cake. The Pound Cake recipe my aunt used called for 12 eggs, don't you know how rich it was and oh so good. Hope you enjoyed seeing how white can be used in everyday ways, and even with food. Make a cake for your family today, I'm sure they'll be happy you did.

(All photo's taken from the Country Home Holiday 2006 issue with Matthew Mead)


  1. Those photo's are heavenly and scrumptious. Hey I wouldn't mind having some hot hot weather occasionally as long as I had air conditioning. Our home doesn't so it would be a problem. I'm here in Michigan and our summer has been more like fall this year. No complaints because our evenings has been very cool which makes sleeping easier.

    Enjoy your day-

  2. I've been doing a lot of thinking about Christmas lately. When you're in this retail game, you're always thinking ahead. You've made me see white. Thanks, Jan

  3. All that white is so beautiful it really, really makes me want to re-do my house. The white really is soothing, the white christmas tree so pretty.
    This could be an expensive blog for everyone!!!!!

  4. His work is amazing...can't wait for the new magazine. A wonderful post!!!

  5. Hi T! I love your new background and that header photo is fantastic! I want to shop there!

    It has been unsually hot here this summer, though I can't imagine 100 degrees!!! The gorgeous white photos will cool anyone right down. I love all the white and silver. Mmm mmm! And pound cake and berries? I'm so there.
    xo Isa

  6. Thanks for a little cool down. My grandmother's pound cake really had close to a pound of everything in it including the 12 eggs and the crust...oh mylanta!

  7. Awesome pictures, especially the "white Christmas" which the way time seems to be flying by will be here before we know it!

  8. what a pretty white post...our weather is nuts this year...we really haven't even had a summer has been very cool here...and it is raining constantly...

  9. I love the white Christmas tree, great photos. This is my first visit to your beautiful blog.

  10. Sorry ol' Texas winter in Iowa I want warm tones, browns, black, deep reds...anything to keep me know, those oatmeal, hot grits and pancakes kinda my stomachs growling, must be time for lunch...however I do love white, though I own very little of it.

    Can't wait for Ki's new magazine too...we just can't get enough can we!

  11. Hello
    Love the white but we haven't had summer here in IL yet...and last winter was way too long for me to forget it yet. Wonder what pattern the plate is under the pie...I really like it :)
    Thanks for the beauty

  12. What calm, serene images. The thought of winter weather sounds pretty good right now. Whew, it's hot!

  13. This was a sweet post (not just the cake!! lol!!) Including the pictures from the magazine did start me thinking about Christmas, which is nice in small doses instead of the way we get bombarded all at once after Thanksgiving. I do love those twigs and hope to get inspired by some simple crafts this year instead of the over~the~top sort. Just not me!!

    Happy White Wednesday!! :-)


  14. I'll take the cake over any hint of Christmas in July...Love the pictures!

  15. I'm going to join white Wednesday one day soon!

    I'm so glad you visited Beverly at Glory B's... isn't she just the sweetest gal? I just adore her... and she has such a good eye for spotting just the right thing!

    She has really enjoyed people telling her that they had read about her on a blog... when I told her it was my blog... she said "I should have known!"... she's a doll.

  16. I agree, white is the color of a beautiful Christmas celebration. I'm planning my theme for a charity tree right now so this fits right in!

  17. Those White Winter Photos are amazing. I want white Christmas decorations this year at my house. How calming......

  18. Oh! that pound cake sounds great. Do you have your Aunt's recipe? Can you share it? Have a nice week. Sandi

  19. Love the Christmas pics--soooo beautiful! And I'm waiting with a big glass of milk for you to pop by with a huge slice of that cake...


  20. I feel about 10 degrees cooler just looking at all your photos. Love the "white" food. Yum. You're really getting me in the mood to start thinking about Christmas.


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