Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another Year Has Passed

I can't believe another year has passed since my son celebrated a birthday. I remember delivering this child like it was yesterday, even though it's been 22 years ago. I actually got to pick his birth day and didn't have to wait for a surprise delivery, like I did with his brother. I knew on that day he would be born. So, I settled on August 20th, thinking it was an even number and could be easily remembered.

He came into the world screaming and wanting to be heard and he hasn't stopped yet! He's a very vocal child, strong, and very determined and settled in his young ways, and he's also a very talented artist. He can draw like nobody's business. I keep telling him this is the field he needs to pursue.

This past weekend we celebrated his birthday since his brother was home. It was a surprise and he really enjoyed it. Since he doesn't like to really have his picture taken, here's one that I sneaked of him:

All the family was there and we all had a great time. I ordered tres leches cake for him. If you've never had this cake you have missed out, it is awesome.

Unfortunately, one of the little kids brushed up against it before I got to take a pic, but it was still good.

Here's a picture of him when he was little:

This is still one of my fav pictures of him. Happy Birthday son, we love you!!


  1. Happy Birthday to your son! I love, love, love, Tres Leche cake...yummmmm!

  2. Congratulations on the birth of your son, Mark. In Holland the mother is always congratulated for the birth of her children on their birthday. I kinda like that! After all it was nine months of work to grow those little blessings. Have a nice day. Sandi

  3. Cake sounds good but I have not had Tres Leche - must be local.
    Hope your son has a 100 more birthdays, my best to him.

  4. Happy birthday to Mark.
    The cake is pretty and looks so yummy!


  5. Happy "Birth" day to the both of you! The cake sounds so delish!

  6. Happy Birthday to your baby boy with the specially chosen birthday! That cake sounds wonderful! LA

  7. Happy Birthday to Mark! Love tres leches cake.

  8. Some little kid, huh? Would that little kid's name be Theresa and did she brush against with her finger? We always have Tres Leches at Christmas.
    Happy birthday big boy!

  9. Happy Birthday to your "little" boy, Theresa! How funny, my 12 year old son is very artistic too!

  10. Happy Birthday!
    Sounds like my boys! They do not like their picture taken. Tres leches cake are soo good!

  11. Tell your son Happy Birthday.
    Great cake choice! Yuummm....

  12. Happy Birthday to your son! My boy turned 21 in April I can't believe how fast it has gone either!
    The cake sounds wonderful too!


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