Wednesday, August 19, 2009

White Wednesday in McKinney

On a previous post of Kathleen's White Wednesday, I had showed you a gorgeous kitchen that was featured on HGTV's-More Bang for your Buck show. Well, I had received an email from Lucinda, who so kindly shared more information about this home. She said it was previously featured by a Dallas Realtor when it came up for sale. Here are more photo's of the Tate's beautiful home. I would have moved right in, Gayle Tate has great style:

I loved the mirror and the way the light just brightens this room, so pretty.

Aren't thse vintage French inspired beds so pretty and the room's similicity makes it seem so cozy. I saw similiar beds at the Round Top/Warrenton antique show during last Fall, should have snatched them up. They were gone by the time I went back. How many times has that happened that you walked away from something you really liked and came back only to find them sold.

This vanity cabinet is so unique. I loved the black contrast against the white accents.

What a pretty bedroom with the blue quilt. Blue is still one of my fav colors.

The white just seems to pop against the wood color tones.

Now isn't this a relaxing room, and the coffee table is so unique.

I actually really like the chandeliar in this dining room along with the windsor chairs. The pop of red of the cabinet is a nice touch.

Ok, this is what drew me to watch the show was this super awesome kitchen. Click here to see another picture of the kitchen. Thanks Lucinda for the additional information about this beautiful home.


  1. what a gorgeous home!!! you would think that all white everything would look kind of sterile...but that home looks very warm, cozy and inviting to me!!!

  2. You're right...that is an awesome house! Love the little *pops* of black, too.

  3. Holy Moley!!! Can't decide which picture I lust the most!! Tootles, Janna

  4. I just love all the white ... I especially love the white kitchen .. but she must not have a husband who cooks ... those pretty lamps would not work for my hubby

  5. oops ..I went back to the pictures ... it was not the kitchen was the bathroom ... my hubby might be able to use that room without too much trouble .. he's actually great around the house's just the kitchen where he seems to 'fling' things around when he cooks

  6. oh..It's nice to dream but then you have to wake up and come back to reality :0(

  7. Gorgeous home, I think the bath with the intricate vanity is my favorite, but I also love that antler chandelier. So many great things about this house!

  8. PS. Is that a new pic on the top of your blog? Very pretty.

  9. amazingly beautiful and inviting! those French twin antique beds are to die for! Thanks for the tour!

  10. Love it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The French beds are exquisite!

  11. My favorites are the bathrooms. I love the intoduction of black , I like it mixed with tarnished silver. Sue

  12. Wow love those twin beds!
    Hope you have a lovely day

  13. What a fabulous home! I think that bathroom is my favorite room but the kitchen is great too!

    You'd never guess from the inside that the house is a pretty typical, newish ranch it!

  14. Special guests at your blog party? Hope I can make it!!!

  15. Love are making me want to grab a bucket of white paint and paint all my dark oak cabinets now! I need to save these photos for future reference! thanks! Patti

  16. Adore your new header. Hydrangeas are such emotional flowers, they can't help themselves. Sea Witch

  17. That's certainly a very cozy the lamps in the bathrooms! I always look forward to White Wednesday, don't you?


  18. I remember this episode! Wish they had shown the whole house!!! I LOVE that bathroom cabinet...thanks for sharing!!!


  19. Love all these pictures! I think the bathroom vanity is my favorite! Love this White window shopping! See you next Wednesday!

  20. Oh my gosh! Love those beds! I too had a chance to buy a single bed very similar to these, duh what was I thinking?(not)
    very lovely home
    happy white wednesday!

  21. Just beautiful! Glad Lucinda shared with you...she's such a doll!

    Thanks for sharing with us! LA

  22. Oh my, the set of beds (the first ones) are stunning!! Super cool.


  23. What a deeply lovely array of rooms! The darling double beds are so immensely sweet, they almost seem like something out of a classic fairytale story.

    Thank you very much for your comment on Chronically Vintage, sweetie. It's wonderful to hear from you!

    Have a gorgeous weekend!
    ♥ Jessica

  24. Oh boy this was a treat to see, her home is lovely. Those twin beds are adorable and your right if you don't move fast enough to buy something, its more likely to be gone. I don't know how many times that has happen to me in the past.


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