Friday, August 28, 2009

Laurie Anna's in Canton Tx

Laurie @ Laurie Anna's Vintage Home in Canton Texas is having a huge Fall Preview Party tomorrow to debut all the wonderful things she's found during their recent shopping trip.  It starts Saturday at 9:00 am.  Take a look at her blog to see all the awesome things she's discovered during their recent trip to 12 towns in 4 days.  You'll be blown away and will not want to miss seeing it all. 

(Photo Source: Laurie Anna's Vintage Home)

Laurie Anna's Vintage Home is located on Hwy. 19 in Canton, just past the Canton Tx Flea Market if you are coming into Canton from Athens, or they can be reached at 903/567-8421.

When you leave Canton head down the road to Athens and check out Winnie and Tulula's while you are near by.  It's only about 20 miles from Canton.  Will I see you there?


  1. will you see me there? i wish it were so!!!

  2. Laurie Anna's is one of my favorite stores. She just couldn't be nicer! I've got too much on my plate tomorrow to go so you'll have give a full report!

  3. I would love to come, but I don't know if this is one I'll get to or not. We'll just have to see how fast I can work tomorrow! LA always has such fresh ideas, it's a treat to get to steal, I mean borrow inspiration from her!

  4. I love what I see, Theresa. Show more photos after for us deprived ones...

  5. One of these days I am coming down seems all the good shops are in Texas, I will suprise you with a knock on the door :)

  6. theresa...whenever i come over to check out your latest posts, i end up losing hours of time! so much beauty in your photos and then so many sidetrips starting on your blogroll...i love it all:)


  7. so nice to see you today at our favorite spot... Hope you had a safe trip home.. Come up anytime to see us! Smiles!

  8. the metal tuba over the metal bed is a match made in heaven!! wish I could be there...

  9. I LOVE to go to Laurie Anna's!!
    I try to go every time I go to trade days. I will not be there until this Friday. Maybe we will run into each other down in the fields...


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