Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sale at Leftover's Antiques in Brenham Tx

The Leftover's Antiques Shop in Brenham Texas is have an unloading sale and you have one week before the sale ends.  They've bought a container full of new antiques and they need to make room for all their new merchandise.  Here's your chance to load up on specials before it's all gone.  If you've never been to this shop and you live in Texas, all I can say is, where have you been?  You've missed out on some awesome displays.  Here's what we saw the last time we stopped by back in June:

Leftovers Antiques Home Mercantile is located at 3900 Hwy 290 West, Brenham Texas; or you can reach them at 979/830-8496.


  1. And I happen to be heading that way...right after their sale ends! ugh. Great place! ~Mindy

  2. Wow, what fun could I have with that great brown transferware. Just drooling over it, and the blue color on the back of that cupboard is gorgeous!

  3. I really like the blue paint inside of the cupboard. That little crystal
    lamp is to cute. Love the little lamps lately. Sandi

  4. Wow, it looks like it is a great place to shop at. I've never been there and i'm from Texas. *blush*
    Hopefully someday I will.

  5. You're right, what HAVE I been waiting for? Great stuff!

  6. Ok, I running to my I mean truck...I'm on the highway...I'm driving and driving.....still driving...still in California!!
    Bad , bad dream, wish I was REALLY there, I love this place!!

  7. Wow! Wishin' I could shop there , it looks Fantasic! Sue

  8. Only two things prevent me from going...lack of time...lack of funds! I'm running out of money...Warrenton better come soon or it's the old bread and water diet!

  9. I'll try to stop by on my way to your place next week...not to buy but for some inspiration!


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