Sunday, September 13, 2009

2 Chippy's Project

Back in May '09, yes that seems so many months ago, the 2 Chippy girls Laurie and Lulu had this brilliant idea of having a Chippy Contest to create a scrapbook to journal their blogging adventures.  Their idea was to allow bloggers to create the pages.  I won this contest to start it off and I must first apologize for not completing my page much sooner, I guess I have no excuse other than life and a busy busy life.  I hope you two forgive me for taking so long.

Well I've finally completed my page and will be mailing it on this week to the next person in line.  Be watching your mail box, I wonder who it will go to next?  You'll have to wait and see when they post it on their blog.  Here's my finished project:

Here is the front of the book, isn't it just gorgeous:

Here's their page they created:


  1. What project was that???? Just kidding. I know how that caught in a whirlwind thing goes, believe me.............I'm just surprised you finished it the week before the show. Wow, you are amazing. I can't wait to see it when it gets around. Can't wait to see you and have the blog party, I'm bringing Tequila, althought I know you won't drink any, I'll drink yours. Love you and see you soon. (I'll be there on Saturday this time so I don't miss the party.) Lauri

  2. Did Laurie say she was bringing a lottle of biquor?
    Your page looks wonderful and I can't believe you finished it right before Zapp either!

  3. I have looked and looked at this book for so many months trying to do something special, but while I love scrapbooking, this one art I'm trying to refine. I did finally get inspired and finished it within a few hours last night or in the early morning hours if you must know! Isn't Lauri a hoot, wish Lulu was coming!

  4. What a really neat idea! It's a gorgeous book!!

    :) T

  5. You did a really beautiful job on this and it's a great idea. Those two are so much inspiration that you could just go wild with ideas!


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