Monday, September 14, 2009

10 More Days & 10 Shows (UPDATED)

(Photo: Vickie's Booth of Texas Rose Show)

Okay, my antiquing buddies, only 10 more days left before the shows officially start.  If you are in Texas, you still have time to make plans to come out and shop.  If you are wanting to stay more than one day, I'm sure by now if you haven't already booked your room, they are pretty much booked up.  You may still find some places in Austin or Houston but near by places start booking 6 months in advance

With this post I wanted to feature 10 Great Shows you don't want to miss stopping at. There are many many more you can go shopping at but are 10 must see places:  

1.   Zapp Hall is located in downtown Warrenton and opening day is Friday Sept. 25th - you know I had to feature this one as number one since I'm here at this show.  You can find my tent right in front of the Hall-I'm the only tent that backs up directly in front of it.  Deb of Talking Trash is located by Royers, Carolyn Westbrook has her own cottage to the side of Royers, Gina of Country Garden Antiques is behind Carolyn in the Big Tent and Richard of Alston Antiques is beside her. Bobby with Shabbytiques is my neighbor (I know his Mom is going to be reading my blog~so I have to say hi to his Mom!).   New to this show are Melonie and Brian of The Seed Box Antiques will be in the Big Tent-you've no doubt probably seen them in the past at La Bahia, but they are moving here and to the Cole's Antique Show.  The Cowboy and The Lady have been at Zapp for a long time and they specialize in primitives and there are many more great vendors in the big tent. Change of plans for my buddy Troy of Junk Exchange, he's going to have his own tent in the middle of the show.  Mary Ann is located in the Chicken Coop and sells wonderful chandeliars, shell items, and Florentine tables.  You all know The Junk Gypsy crew and they have their own tent by the road.  Don't forget to make plans to attend their prom on October 1st.  There is no charge to get into Zapp Hall and have lunch at Royer's while you are here~the pie is divine!!  
2.  Marburger Farms Show - is in Warrenton, but this show does not open until Tuesday, Sept. 29.  You will have to pay $25 to get in early but I promise you it is well worth the early rate for the best stuff and displays.  If you wait until after 2pm, it's only $10 to get in but all the great things are gone by this time.  Here you can find Theresa of Time Worn Interiors, Shelley of Sweet Pea, Donna and Rhonda of Curious Goods, Donna of Carriage House antiques, Trisha of The Red Door, Pam with Country Meadows Antiques and Peg of French Vanilla (and this only the beginning in Tent H).  Next, is Judy Hill of JHill Designs, Robin of Magnolia Pearl, Linda of Willow Nest, Terri of Garden Worthy, and Mo of Rubbish and these are only the one's I stop by to quickly visit with, there are so many more vendors here you can shop with. You can find their exact locations at the Marburger website. 
3.  The Texas Rose Show - is located right across from Marburger Farms.  You have to see Vickie's displays.  She is just so creative.  Here you will also find Maggie of The Veranda, Lillie of The Junk Palace, LeAnn of The Vintage Laundress, and Hector and Susie and several more.
4.   Cole's Antiques is located off Hwy 237, downtown Warrenton, and here you can find Janet of Sweet Talk, Tricia of The Red Door, Melonie and Brian of The Seed Box Antiques and Peg and John of French Vanilla.  Mel and Peg are sharing a tent and they are new to this show.  They will be located in the big tent on the corner of Hwy 237 and across from Clutter.
5.  The Clutter Show - opening party is on Friday, Sept. 25 @ 4pm is run by sisters, Shirley Schwantz and Staci Schwantz, and there is no charge for this show.
6.  Ex-cess Show is located next to Clutter.  Here you'll find Leftovers Antiques and many more.
7.  Bar W Field is next after Ex-cess and Andy & Susan of Found Around will be waiting to see you.  They are located in back corner by all the port-a-potties and there are many great dealers here.
8The Gin is located on the side of Zapp, but across the road.  This is where Gloria of Sweet Pea Collection is and Saints, Sinners & Virgins.
9.  Little House on the Hill Show is where you'll find Jill Suzanne and the most awesome candles and antiques.  Buy her candles, they'll last a while and are the best! 
10.  Tree Top Antiques is the last show on the left.  Look for Lisa of La Rustique Market on the last entrance to this show on the right.  She's been on the hunt to bring great things.

This is by no means all the shows that you can shop at, these are just a few that I thought I'd highlight.  You can also find great things at the La Bahia show and The Red Barn in Round Top as wall as many smaller shows around Warrenton.  For more show info., check here.

Here are more tips.  If you buy a big piece of furniture there are shipping companies you can use and anyone at the shows can point you to them.  Also, remember the comment that Gale left about show tips and using her ATM card and being charged extra to use it.  Well remember to find out first if the ATM machines charge more than you would normally be charged before using it.  She also had a really bad experience with one of the machines.  She took out $200 and the machine only gave her $100~now if there's anything that makes me madder than a hornet is when people get taken advantage of.  When she reported it to the guy that runs the machine she said he basically called her a liar and would not give her the amount that the machine did not give to her.  Luckily, her bank refunded the amount.  Just a few more important tips to know before you shop.

I promise there are enough shows to shop at until your heart is content and your feet are so tired and dirty that you'll be glad to head back to wash up.  It's the most fun you'll ever have in a lifetime in Texas!!  See you there my friends in 10 days if not before!!


  1. My heart is just racing reading all about it. I thought I wasn't going to get to go until the spring and a friend said she wanted to go and so I will get to see you there. I am tickeled. It is so nice of you to give all the details as I don't want to miss anything!!! Where is the best place to park that is closest to you and when is the best time to get there?
    Looking forward to it all.

  2. My feet hurt just reading your list. Someday we're making the trip. Hope you have a great show. Looking forward to all the pictures.

  3. Great info and great shopping sites...especially Zapp! Did Gale happen to mention which or where the ATM was that she had such a bad experience with. Wouldn't want to use that one! Also, FYI, Lani and Lonnie (the dealers who stuff you love at the White Elephant) are at Excess for the entire show. Can't wait for the fun to begin!

  4. I am so excited for the photos to start coming in from the Warrenton. sandi

  5. Thank you for the mention! I am thrilled to be surrounded so much talent. The dance is mighty soon, isn't it? I can hear the music from here.

    By the way, I had friends, a party of 7 make reservations in Brenham 2 weeks ago. So, -maybe- there are still close accomodations. Just takes some searching a patience. ~Mindy

  6. Stop by and see me too! I'll be at Marburger Farm, Tent H-11! Would love to meet all of you!
    Pam at Country Meadows

  7. Yes Mindy, I'm sure there are still some reservations left, but I've been told by several friends that you do not want to stay at just any motel/hotel, there are some scary places to stay in Brenham. I don't remember the name, but it was not a good experience, no clean sheets, filty, you get the picture.

  8. I love the photo of that awesome display -I'd love it in my house- wow- what a list of great shows...

  9. How ever do you keep up your pace my dear?? It all sounds wonderful!! talk soon,Chrissy

  10. T...driving to work everyday in Round Top I get to see the tents rise and shine...yep, there are a bunch up and some vendors are unloading and selling, of course the best is yet to come! I am amazed at the excitement each time I watch this heart is racing!!! See you soon...Kim

  11. OH how I WISH I could go... I was just visiting with Diane, (Sticks 'N Stones) and she is so excited to go. I can't wait to see what she comes back with.
    Have a great time...

  12. T, I'm hoping the national chain will clean the sheets. They went with a national chain, as one of them is in a wheelchair and they were hoping for a handicap knowledgeable place. Sooo, hopefully, it's not the bad experience place! ~Mindy

  13. I'm taking copious notes, Theresa, lots of notes. p.s. love that photo from Vickie's booth!

  14. Mindy, it was a national chain my friends stayed at, so hopefully for your friends it's not the bad place!

  15. T- Thanks for laying it all out for us in Plain English! There is so much information out there that is it hard for some of us to keep up with all of it.
    I appreciate it, and I am sure everyone else does as well. I am going to direct folks from my blog over here to the INFORMATION HEADQUARTERS!

  16. I am going to print this many people to meet! My trip this year takes on a new meaning as I am excited to meet everyone! My friends will probably get frustrated...but this is important stuff!
    See you soon.

  17. Thanks for adding me in the Marburger Farm listing. I am excited and anxious to get there. I/m still frantically packing and hoping I'm taking what everyone will like. I hope I can meet up with alot of you fellow bloggers--especially you! Your blog is awesome!

  18. I just had to come back and leave one more comment about lodging. Jenn reminded me of mine and Cat Daddy's "experience" at a national chain motel in Biloxi! Remember????

  19. Let's not forget THE BIG RED BARN.... :-) There are really alot of great things there!

  20. Texas is so on the top of our list!!! We're dying to go!!! of these days.....

  21. One of these days...
    I hope you sell out of everthang!
    Sounds like fun.


  22. Ok Now I see why you are so amazing. Wish I could attend. I am here in Montreal and I did visit 6 or 7 antique shops.


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