Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Last White Wednesday Before Shows

This will be my last White Wednesday probably for a few weeks, since this time next week we'll be headed to Junker's Paradise.  I wanted to feature some white things I saw during last Fall's antique show:

TOT's booth at Marburger.

My booth at Zapp Hall.

Kim in her pretty "white" attire at the Blog Party, there's TOT, Trash, Sister Trash (in the background) and Shelley.
 Gloria of Sweet Pea's white pumpkins.

I'm so going to miss seeing Linda Parker's things at Marburger, but you can still find her at Uncommon Objects in Austin.

Here's Donnie of Gone to Texas show.

Carolyn Westbrook's pretty booth.

Janet's booth at Cole's.

Judy Hill always has great white things.

Gina's booth at Zapp, wonderful Christmas whites and colors.

Magnolia Pearl's booth, Marburger.

Here's Peg of French Vanilla at Marburger.

Of course even a white shirt can count for this post.  Michael and Lauri at Leftover's Antiques.

Melonie and Brian of The Seed Box ~ Don't forget they'll be at Zapp and starting this weekend at Cole's.

Here's Shelley's booth at Marburger.

And of course Janet of Rubbish at Marburger.  Be sure and check out Kathleen's blog and all the other participant's in White Wednesday.


  1. Oooooooooooo and aaaaaahhhhhhh, beautiful, sweetpea! I like the blue bed setting the most...Gorgeous.

  2. what a feast for the eyes...gorgeous white goodies in all of those booths!!!

  3. Amazing pieces, thank you for sharing and good luck at the show. Ciao Rita

  4. LOVE the Seed Box's architectural piece! And all the other photos, awesome! Thanks for sharing those.

  5. Everything is so beautiful. The arch. salvage... and the size of those white ironstone pitchers! white pumpkins...I just love it all.

  6. Too much goodness in just one post...we'll take a break and come to enjoy it again!!!

  7. Looks soooo good, wish I could go but looks like maybe in the spring. Every year I say the same thing! I wish you my best and I hope you have a great show.

  8. Fabulous whites!!! I love everything!!

  9. Great Stuff. I know you are busy getting ready. See you soon.

  10. Everything is beautiful in white! I love the white bed with the blue accents...beautiful eye candy...looks like everyone had a great time!

  11. T~
    Wonderful Whites! You always take such beautiful pictures...I have yet to see in blogland anyone do better than you!

    And as for the tallow know I can't reveal my sources!
    See ya next week Girl!

  12. Oh! And one more out for the snakes I hear they are bad around your area!

  13. Lisa, you crack me up! I have an ugly stick that I'll hit that snake with...

    And...don't reveal your source, then everyone will want them, ha ha!!

  14. Hope your weather cools down and it doesn't rain. Have a great sale & we'll be waiting patiently when your're thru with your running around. Jan

  15. well it's about that time now... can't wait to see you!!!!!!


  16. Theresa,
    Such great pictures...I'm drooling here! Once you've been to RT it's so difficult see these hoo, whoa is me. I'll I can say is look out Spring! Please, please take lots of your wonderful pictures to share with all of us cry babies (me) who can't make it! I wish you the very best for a great successful show!!
    My Best

  17. Oh how can I possibly get away from my computer with all of this wonderful whiteness to ogle???

  18. I just wanted to say ...
    "I LOVE WHITE"! .. What is it about a white room ..or anything white ... it's just such a nice clean, fresh look. ...That's it ... Just wanted to share my love for white...and I love your blog...very nice. :^)
    Hugz ...Betty

  19. Theresa and Cruz,
    I am so thrilled that I got to meet you both yesterday at Warrenton! You were the first W&T Superstar I came upon, and as I was approaching your tent, I squealed to my husband "That's her! It's her!!!" I'm such a fangurl.

    Your tent was simply stunning, girl. You have such a talent for finding, arranging, are an artist, pure and simple.

    I cannot wait to come up to W&T's (hopefully soon!) and get to see your dreamy store, but more importantly, get to know you and all the other awesome gals (and guys) better. Y'all feel like family!

    Wishing you only the best and MUCH success this coming week.


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