Thursday, September 17, 2009

One Week until the Shows

Can you believe time has flown by so fast and it's one week before you can get your hands on the finest junk (I mean antiques) in ALL OF TEXAS!!  Guys and Girls I hope you are ready?  I know I am.  I thought with this post I'd give you a preview of the Texas scenery that's at the shows to wet your appetite.  When we were there this past weekend, as you can see the tents are starting to go up, that's always a good sign that the shows are just right around the corner:

I love the old Halls that can be found here and especially the churches.  They are just the best:

(Old Church in downtown Round Top)


(Church in Shelby)

(Old Hall in Winedale)

I had also been told about a sale that was in the area so of course we had to go.  I found some really awesome things, one being a French Bed that is so pretty it's beyond words.  I know it's a sickness that I'm still shopping before the shows, but I just couldn't pass it up.  Here's a small sneak peek of things and colors you'll find this year in my booth:

Hope your bags are packed, your shopping cart is ready, you've made plans to attend my BLOG PARTY, your prom attire and cowboy boots and hat are packed and you are ready for the prom.  See ya in a week...


  1. I can't wait! This will be my first trip to Round Top.

    - Teresa

  2. so, what happens at a blog party?



  3. Theresa, the countryside is just so lovely, and the old churches, really speak of a slower lifestyle. Thanks for sharing these photos. Have a wonderful, wonderful time. I'd so love to be seeing you all down there!

  4. Oh Theresa, I hope you have the best show ever!!! I soooo wish I could be there :) ~ xxoo, Dawn

  5. Troy's in for a big surprise, huh?

  6. I just clicked on the side bar picture of Top 10! Congrats Theresa, we always knew you are a "10"!

  7. Makes me wish I still lived in Texas, sugah!!! (She says in here best Texas drawl.) Hah. Yep, I did live in Orange about .........well, forget how long ago it was, chickee! Good luck, girlfriend.

  8. I am really starting to get excited! I can't hardly wait! You mean you didn't tell Troy what really goes on at a blog party?'s a secret!


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