Wednesday, September 02, 2009

White Wednesday At Junkin Buddy's House

Today has been such a busy day that I'm really late in posting.  Since I spent my lunch hour at Junkin Buddy's House today and I absolutely love all her displays, I thought I would dedicate White Wednesday to her.  I normally will do a Halloween post and Christmas post of her house, but I wanted to go ahead and show you  just a few of her things that she's collected over the years.

 This isn't even a small portion of all the ironstone she has.  She just has a great collection and eye I might add.


 There's the little guy she bought a while back at a shop we were at.  I posted about it here.

I will probably do an early Halloween post of her house since she decks it all out in the most awesome Vintage Halloween you've ever seen.  Then, later in the year I'll do a Christmas post of her home.  You won't want to miss these, it'll be fabulous.  I've done several posts of her home in recent years, you can check them out here and here.

Stay tuned for tomorrow since I'll show my BIG REVEAL and I'll announce who won the contest. I've went ahead and turned the comments off for all the posts that I did for my big reveal.  I want to thank all those that left me the funniest comments and played along. 

 Here's what someone will win:

Maybe I'll see you in Canton tomorrow.


  1. Okay, I'm joining in this time. How do I enter the White Wed., sugar! I'm excited. Already got the post in draft form. Do you do NOTHING but travel. I'm such a stay-at-home gal, it's pathetic. Jack is dragging me off to the wilds of Idaho again this weekend!!! Squeeeeeal, he just won't give it up, chickee! Sigh.....

  2. I love her ironstone pitchers -- I was wondering where they all went. Thanks for the info on my blog but I think I screwed something up. All it did was shrink the picture (I think it was in the cropping.) It wouldn't look so bad the way it is if I could just add something on the other side but again I'm stumped. Maybe I'll just go to sleep. Thanks & have fun in Canton. Jan

  3. LOVE, love, love your header of the old sheep photo! I'm such a sheep-nut. And, can't wait to find out your Big Reveal! You and Debbie are the biggest teases! LOL!

  4. I love how you keep changin your banner picture! Your friend has some AMAZING collections I saw a peek of the holiday items wow!
    Have a great time in Canton, someday I will get there!

  5. You always have great white pics for us to see. Can't wait to hear all about your secret.

    Take care,


  6. You do realize Le Shabby Chateau is approx 50 min to Canton... just a wee bit North. If ya ever wanna bring your girl friends we could work out a deal for the weekend. Sleeps Four. Just FYI...
    Just because you're special.


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