Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bargains This Saturday

If you live in Texas you have to head to Malakoff Texas and check out Lille of The Junk Palace's sale this Saturday.  She is closing her shop and is offering deals to all.  You don't want to miss visiting her shop for BARGAINS GALORE.  Check out her blog or contact her for more info.

I hate to hear that she is closing her shop, she finds some of the best things, but you can still find her at Winnie and Tulula's in Athens.  Let me know if you go and what you find. 


  1. I just read about her shop closing on her blog.... so sad to hear... but glad she still has her stuff over at W&T's. This tough economy is hitting everyone hard. Hope you are doing well. Blessings, Jannag

  2. I just LOVE that chandelier on the right. Hmmmmmmm...dreaming here....:-) Tami E.

  3. Texas is getting hit hard... economy is tough. Hope she does well.

  4. So sad about the Junk Palace closing.... sniff....sniff.

    I wish I could come and shop...gotta work :(

    i hope to be at Zapp Hall....that's my dream :)

  5. Well that picture sure looks appealing...gorgeous stuff! Too bad she is closing...

    :) T


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