Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm a Flea Marketeer

Flea Market Style's blog is having a party to allow bloggers to show off their finds from this past weekend's hunt.  I couldn't wait to get up early Saturday morning and hit the road in search of treasures, finds, unique things for your home.  You wouldn't think it's only been a few weeks since I was in Junker's Paradise in Warrenton, but I'm always ready to find the next best thing.  Here's what I found on the junkin trail this weekend:

Vintage Garden Chair would look great in any setting you place it.  I sure am loving my Missouri pumpkins, thanks Donna.

 This champayne bucket has engraving on it.  I really like using them anytime and especially at Christmas with a cute tree in it or fill it with Christmas balls for a festive look.

 Plates (can you see the patina on them), pedastols, McCoy, and cute pheasants (salt and pepper set), it can all be yours.
 Here a close up of the plates (two plates SOLD, thanks April), clock, cute USA vase, and creamer.  I just love all the shades of white.

 Here's a grouping of it all!

I did find a few more things but I'm keeping those things a secret until I dress the window at Winnie and Tulula's for the Christmas Event in November.  Yes, it will all be for sale either at Winnie or Tulula's in Athens Tx or at Heritage Antiques in Lufkin Tx.  I'm not sure what is going where other than it's going to have a tag on it and be taken to one of the shops. 

In the meantime, if you see something you like, email me.  Be sure and check out their blog for other participants that signed up here.

Don't miss my post next weekend.  I'm taking Junkin Buddy on a road trip to celebrate her birthday that was on the 6th and she doesn't even have a clue where we are going!!


  1. Great finds! Love all those shades of white together too...
    Have a great week..
    Laura :)

  2. Sweetie, Your display of "PUMPKIN ON WHITE" is so crisp. I love it. Thanks for keeping things fresh!

  3. you're the best junk-er I know.
    Hope you had a fun weekend on the hunt.

    there's nothing like it.
    At this time of year in the midwest, people are scrambling to gather, what with winter lurking and all.

    let's chat

  4. What an eye you have! Great finds & style. Lori

  5. Girl you made a haul this weekend! I wish I could have been there!

  6. I'm so out of the loop...didn't even know about this. I gotta get caught up on my reading. This is such a fun idea!

  7. Boy, when you go junkin', you go junkin! I love that chair and especially the champagne bucket. Why, oh why don't I have sales like yours in my neck of the woods?!

    Thanks for joining the party!

  8. Gosh, Theresa I'm in love with it all! Love the chair of course, AND with pumpkins...fabulous!

  9. Hello!
    Great stuff but then you always do! Love the whiteware...gets me every time.
    Have a wonderful week

  10. Oooh! Great finds - that chair is wonderful. I love everything and am especially crazy about the McCoy since I collect it!

  11. I think it's perfectly understandable that you'd be on the hunt again! A junker's job is never done, let the hunting commence! I love all your shades of white, too.
    Junkin' Buddy is sooooo lucky!

  12. Wonderful the champagne bucket and all the shades of white!

  13. You find the best stuff! Love all the whites. Can't wait to see what you do in the window at W&T's. See you soon.... Maggie

  14. Fantastic items!! ... then again I wouldn't expect anything less than fantastic coming from you!! Your taste and style is just dreamy ....


  15. I am headed to Canton at the end of the month and was wondering if you set up there?
    I saw it listed on your sidebar.

  16. We junkers never stop, right? There's just too much good stuff out there just waiting to be found! I love all your finds!


  17. How can you give it all up??? Some great finds! I can't wait to visit Winnie's. I hear they have some of the best Junk in Texas. Can't wait to see pics of your window!

  18. amazing finds! i absolutely love the champagne bucket.

  19. Great finds, Theresa, especially that garden chair. And they would also work fabulously for a White Wednesday!

  20. Theresa...sorry for the lack of posting, but have been traveling a ton with work. It was so great to meet you in Warrenton and thanks for the pic (Amy and Lisa from the Funky Monkey are now calling me "Cute to Boot"). Please keep me posted on your trip to Lonestar...I will certainly make arrangements to be there, maybe even have some lunch in the Tea Room. Talk to you soon.

  21. Wow great finds! Sounds like you are off for a great weekend next week! It's been fun to find new bloggers who have the same love of treasure hunting as I do.


  22. well done! i know it's a little early...but...i'm already excited about spring warrenton! yikes!

  23. OK, I dibs the white chair and the three white pedistals. I'm not kidding. Happy White Wednesday


  24. wow- you found some fantastic things, and love hoe they all go together- you certianly have a discriminating eye!


  25. hi theresa....great finds!!!! hope you rocked the house at round top!!
    hey...i gave you a splash award on my blog if you have time to pick it up!! just fyi.
    thanks for all your magic.
    oh...i will have to email you with some photos still. i'm working my way there. i'm slow.
    take care


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