Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Leftover's - Always Fun

Each season when we attend the Leftover's Antique's Party, it's always a blast.  Their party is normally on the first Saturday of the opening of the shows.  We laugh (and yes I think you can hear us across the building), we visit with friends, and see just the most awesome displays set up in a wonderful store.  The owners Ed and Michael can put a display together like nobody's business (and we know they have elves that help them too).  You take a look and tell me if you don't agree:








Look at who all we saw there:

 Can you see the brother's in the back ground.  They thought they were hiding but we caught them.


Leftover's is located on Hwy 290 about 2 miles outside of Brenham Texas.


  1. Thanks for all these wonderful photos....you all have the most fun and the best stuff! I am planning a trip for the spring....have to be there!
    Thanks again for sharing it all with us....take care,

  2. Hello, thanks for the fabulous comments on our blog. I am drooling over yours. I have heard of leftovers, I will see it in person sometime. thanks for sharing!!!

  3. i went to leftovers for the first time this warrenton - i did not attend the party, but rod & i went later in the week - actually, the night of the 1st big storm - i could have stayed there forever - it was so inspiring - i love the pictures you took - but i must say, i can't think of any pictures that could do it justice - the smells, the slight hum of excitement when you walk in the door - and the way you instinctively follow the huge dog as he lumbers through the settings - i feel in love - thank you for sharing the photos - troy

  4. Leftovers was so amazing! I stopped in during my week in Warrenton. We popped in during a party they were having. It was packed, but we had so much fun looking at all the great displays! I hope I can go back again in the Spring. Great photos!


  5. Love those photos of the party. I gotta go next year! Hope it's OK, I did a link to your blog on mine. Tired of telling folks about your blog! ~PJ

  6. You are having way tooooooooo much fun. Isn't this the stuff that life is made of. Good friends and good times. Keep sharing your bliss.

  7. Couldn't help but notice the back of Tim's head in one of the first few photos. Thanks again for sharing the photos, everything looks so inviting!

  8. Leftover's space is just amazing! Your photos always capture so much, you feel as if your there (almost!) Hope you're catching you're breath a little. You've got to be one of the busiest gals I know..I'd need roller skates to keep up with all the great/fun things you do!
    My Best


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