Wednesday, October 14, 2009

White Wednesday with Terry John Woods

I have hundreds of magazines earmarked with some of my most favorite designers, like Sue Balmforth of  Bountiful, Magnolia Pearl, houses and places I've never been but have seen them in several magazines and love their style, then there's Terry John Woods.  His style is just awesome, a bit of primitive mixed with a dash of country and farmhouse style and his place is set on a beautiful farm that not too long ago was for sale (for a song I'm sure, only if you've won the lotto).

Last night while flipping through several magazines I came across an article he'd written in an old issue of Country Living and fell back in love with his style.  Besides he has a new book that was to debut this month so I couldn't think of a more perfect White Wednesday post to do tonight than of him.

He uses creams and whites mixed with a bit of color and I just love how it all works together. 

 I tried to go to the bookstore today to see if they by chance had his new book, but didn't make it.  If you've purchased his book, please let me know if you like it.  I'll try again tomorrow to pick up his book and Rachel Ashwell's new book.


Be sure and check out Kathleen's Blog for more participants and happy Late White Wednesday!


  1. I'll check here in might check also on line.
    Wonderful look!

  2. I have those same pages from a magazine in my "wish list' folder that I had started when we were just beginning to build our house. I guess great minds think alike and like the same things. I'm so glad you are enjoying this theme. I'm also really enjoying doing it. I truly am always amazed at your blog. Thanks for sharing your talent.

    Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday.


  3. Guess I know where I'll be headed on my lunch break tomorrow. Thanks for sharing...I checked Barnes & Noble, and they have the book in stock. I've kinda been out of the loop for a while, so I'm not familiar with Terry Woods...but looks like I'll soon become a fan. Great post..
    P.S. The book is $45.00

  4. Of course, I love the primative portrait in Terry John Woods layout. Very lovely, Theresa.

  5. Another great book to go looking for. Thanks for sharing. I had not known of Terry John Woods before although I am sure that I studied those pictures in the magazine before.
    Lovely post

  6. i remember that issue!!!! lovely for sure. that was back in the day when country living and country home really showcased some awesome flea market finds and shabby decorating. i still have issues from 10 years ago and still pull them out for inspiration.
    take care

  7. Theresa,
    I have that Country Living and had ear-marked those pages as they are continual inspiration for me. I also went to Border's Books and sat with my Starbucks and looked through a number of decorating books...his being one! I loved it.
    Hope you had a great WW
    My Best

  8. I'm going to the book store. This is why I keep my magazines. I sure do miss Country Home(my favorite).

  9. Hey Sweet T, I too love Terry Johns work. The colors are amazing. Thanks for the reminder about his book. Happy White Wednesday, Patricia

  10. Hey Saint TH. I've spent the better part of this early a.m. catching up on your great! I'll have to find this book too! Stan stopped by the blog and left a comment on my show pics! TOO cool. miss ya! ox lulu

  11. Will be pawing though my stacks of old issues to find this's a classic for sure! Thanks for bringing it to light this look!
    Take care, Laura

  12. I absolutely love it! A kind of softened version of farmhouse style...soooooo pretty!!!

    :) T

  13. I think I have those same pages saved in a three ring binder for inspiration. Thanks for sharing them with us again!

  14. I have the new book and it is great. I've about got it worn out looking thru it over and over. I ordered it on amazon a few weeks ago...also got the new Rachel Ashwel book, while they are both good.. my favorite is the Terry J. Woods farmhouse book. Ordered on free shipping and nice discount on cover price charged in the book stores.

  15. I'll keep my eyes peeled as well. Thanks for the heads up, it looks good!

    yapping cat

  16. Theresa,

    Terry Woods' book is wonderful. I pre-ordered it from Amazon, as I did with Rachel Ashwell's new book. Both outstanding. Really so nice to have and sit curled up in a favorite chair!

  17. Theresa,

    Both books are absolutely wonderful. Perfect for reading while curled up in a favorite chair. Talk about the perfect stress reliever....other than trying to figure out what changes you'll now want to make in your decor. :)


  18. Love those photos you pulled up, Theresa. Such a serene and peaceful look.

  19. Theresa, thanks for your kind comments on my home...glad you stopped by...which brings me to a favor to ask of you. I just posted about a decorating dilema and would greatly appreciate your input if you get a moment to stop back by.

    Also, you mentioned Sue Balmforth's style, which brought back a great memory of her. I used to sell at the Tailgate show in Nashville. Sue was there creating quite a stir. She entered my booth, entourage dutifully following with pen and pads ready! It was one of those times dealers dream about...she walked around and said I want that and that and that and so on, not even looking at prices! Oh,well, any way it was lots of fun and a good memory!
    Thanks a lot,

  20. I'm in love with these whites, Theresa! Thanks for introducing me to Terry John Woods. I learn so many wonderful things from you.


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