Thursday, October 08, 2009

Speechless, Beyond Words

Is the only I know how to describe how Marburger Vendors left me.  Lisa and I were there bright and early to be one of the first ones to see these works of art displays.  I was in awe at the raw talent found here.  The displays were so creatively put together, better than any magazine I've seen yet.  And this all in the middle of a field that doesn't have anything in it but twice a year.  If you've ever driven by Marburger Farms during off season you'll see a few of the buildings minus the tents, people and energy.  Believe me there was enough excitement to last you at least until the next six months. 

A lot of the vendors drive from other states to set up their wares here each Spring and Fall.  They hunt all year for the best things to be found.  While you can find a lot of the vendors at other Antique Venues during the season, I think they must save their best things for this show, or so it seems.

Check it out and tell me what you think:

 Judy Hill

 Willow Nest

 French Vanilla

 Sweet Pea

 Mo of Rubbish

 Magnolia Pearl

 Theresa-TOT, Time Worn Interiors

Check out many more Marburger pictures:


  1. What a fun show to be able to go to. I loved all the pictures. It was fun to click on them and be able to look at every detail.

  2. Hello friend. Thanks for including me in this awesome group of talented artists. You are so awesome. Miss you already...



  3. i hate to say it, but texas sets the standards for the rest of us!!!! what displays. there really is no other place like round top. it's amazing.
    i miss FAB texas junk. i miss fun texas people. when you put the two get a show!!
    hope you blew it out!!
    take care,

  4. I so wish we'd had time to visit Marburger. This Spring I'm allowing for at LEAST three days there as opposed to one. Glorious pics!

  5. OMG !! I had a very big smile on my face when I saw Willow Nest see Linda and her husband were in my little store out here in California a couple of months ago and she purchased some items from me. On top of her "To Die For" floral hutch are the cutest little pink pillars, that came all the way from Calif. I guess that's as close as I will get to Marburger this year!!
    Enjoyed the rest of the photos, thanks for the tour Theresa,

  6. gorgeous!!! I wish I were there! I swear Texas has the best sales! Willows Nest used to be up here in the Pac NW & we miss her!! Looks like a blast.....


  7. Thanks for the show of wonderful pictures!
    We sell the tall light branches at Joyworks. They are from a company called Light Garden...they retail for #40.99 which includes three branches all connected with one cord.

  8. those are all gorgeous...but that Judy Hill booth...i want to crawl up in that beautiful bed...that is just stunning!!!

  9. Hello Ms. T,
    I loved the tour you gave us. It is so interesting to see Marburger through your "dealer's eyes."

  10. OMG, I'm dying here! Thanks for all the ultra-fab photos, Theresa - people depend on you to deliver and you always do! Well, at least this time I got to meet a lot of these wonderful people and see them setting up for the show (thanks to that super accomodating State Trooper who took pity on this wilted Canadian at the guarded gate, who would have been so disappointed not to meet the last of her blogger friends before going all the way back home :) But the end product, WOW, I think it's everything people say it is, that Marburger Farms... So in the springtime, after I finish shopping in your booth at Zapp Hall, we'll go together and wait in line for Marburger.

  11. Oh my! Gorgeous! I wish I would have been able to stay for Marburger! I won't miss it next time. Thanks for sharing these great pictures.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. it is always a cool feeling to see something you worked on offered in another setting - the wallpaper cupboard in the willow nest photo is one rod and i rescued from the trash heap at canton over 4 years ago - rod glued it backed together and replaced missing parts - i wallpapered the back, doors and we worked together to insert the chicken wire in the upper doors and then we worked together distressing the piece further and aging it - the hinges were missing, but luckily we had some that fit the shadows of the old hinges almost perfectly - the little wood catch on the lower doors i added as i had found it and saved it for the perfect project - i think we sold it to sweet pea when we were at hillcrest in warrenton in the fall of 2005 - cool feeling - troy -

    teresa, if you know them, let them know i think i have more of the wallpaper if they need it.

  13. Wonderful pictures! I enjoyed them! ~Mandy

  14. OMG, seriously incredible displays!!! What a treat to go and find such amazing booths...I love flea markets, but sometimes it's nice not to have to be wading thru the junk to find that one good piece. Here, it looks like it was ALL great stuff!!!

    :) T

  15. I linger here and love it, I met Linda at Willows Nest last spring and think of her often remembering her displays too. I adore all the new blogs you are introducing me too, it is fun lingering off MY FEET! Smiles, Cyndi

  16. Teresa,
    My first "Marburger" was a yummy burger. I am full... very inspirational. Your pictures allowed me to taste the fun.


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