Thursday, November 12, 2009

Barn Sale

Micki and Brandi's Barn Sale starts bright and early on Saturday morning in Driftwood Texas.  Here's the inside of their barn.  Look at the awning sides they've covered the windows with and cheesecloth and lights on top.  Love the old Sign. 


When you first arrive on their property (which is over 100 acres) this is the outside of their barn.  I just had to show you inside first since it's so cute.


All the things outside are for sale.  Love the bed under the tree. 

 Now, lets go back inside:

 Burlap sacks, clocks, and all kinds of things for sale (sorry about the coke can).


  Here's more great things for sale.  Click on any of the pictures for a better detailed view.

This display shows tons of pictures and paper items that could be used in any idea you might have. 

 The display rack and all on it is for sale.

 Isn't this clock case so cute.

 Another view of the inside of their barn.

 Ironstone, furniture, and misc. things can be seen here.

 This wall of ironstone will have a mirror placed in the middle of it.

 If you are looking for vintage Christmas, well they have it.


 Look at the cute baby shoes, which could be hung on a tree at Christmas for a primitive style display.

feathers, garden baskets, and a wicker chair, great combination.  I hope if you are in the Austin/San Antonio area you can make it out to their sale.  Here's the directions for more info.:

And if you get hungry after shopping, stop by The Salt Lick for the absolutely best BBQ ever.  We did and we go every chance we can.   They are located at: 18300 FM 1826, Driftwood, TX.


  1. Oh why Oh why is Texas so far away! This barn looks amazing!!! Everything in it looks amazing!!! Love the cheesecloth/lights how pretty. Who am I kidding I loved all of the pics~my kind of sale! Have Fun~Theresa

  2. As always, great photos Theresa! I have to enlarge each of them and just stare and stare. Loved the displays and style. Thanks for posting the wonderful pictures. Take care.

  3. You just have too many fun places...totally not fair! My only consolation is that I get to see the fun stuff in your pics...and it doesn't cost me anything! I do plan on going to our big antique show next weekend in Mt. Dora...I haven't been in over 5 years! My husband and I are actualy going to add a few of our things in with another friend. I'm taking the green & white cupboard that I posted about a few weeks ago.. Sure hope it sells. I bought a piece of furniture from Shelley to put my tv on, which looks much better. Thanks for sharing...

  4. When I dream...I dream of Texas and all of these wonderful places you show us Theresa!!!! I see so many things that I would love...thank you always for showing us such great places ~ hugs and love, Dawn

  5. I sooooo want to go! But I really can't drop another wad of cash after Troy's sale last week. *sniff, sniff*

  6. I used to have a bed like that planted with flowers - my 'flower bed'.


  8. White picket fence jabot curtains... now that is clever.
    I love the baby shoes too.

    Teresa, I am afraid my garden is played out for now...but do come anyway... I booked the Chateau for the 17th of December other than that I am wide open if you decide to come soon... Lee

  9. How very much I would love to be there!!! Thanks for the wonderfully tempting photos...almost enough to make me make the trek to Texas.

  10. Oh boy .... it's a GOOD thing you are so far away. Those pictures, that black vintage frame, the baby shoes. So much yummy stuff. No room in Whoville for all the goodies I would be tempted to buy.
    Thanks for the pics!
    Hugs - Betty :)

  11. i'm catching up on posts i haven't read yet. this one is just amazing...i really appreciate the effort you make to take and share photos with all of us:)


  12. Hi,
    Do you ever sell online? There are so many wonderful things in the pictures! Drooling here, lol!


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