Monday, November 09, 2009

November Events

As I previously mentioned that November is a busy month in Texas, I've decided to update the events post for you.  Here are the remaining events left and they are listed on my side bar so that if you're in the area you can be sure and check these out.

November 12-13: Carol Carroll's Holiday Open House and Sale, Temple Tx.  Carol had her first open house and sale last year and I was privileged to attend.  This year she's expanded with a few more vendors that will be setting up with her as well as everything in her home will be for sale.  As time gets closer, I'll do a post with more info. and who all you can expect to find here.  You can contact Carol for more info., which is listed on my side bar.

November 12-14: Open House at Bloom and Bee Swanky Antiques Shop in Waco.  See Amy's blog for more details.  She will also be at the Junior League show this coming up next weekend.

November 14-15: My friends Brandi and Micki are having a Barn Sale at their place in Driftwood  Texas.  This mother and daughter team comb the countryside looking for the unusual for your home and garden.  You can also find their booth at Uncommon Objects in Austin full of unusual and unique things.  Be sure and make plans to attend their Barn Sale and be the first to own some of their treasures.  Here's the info. on their barn sale:

(Click on the picture for more details)

November 19: Ann Perry, who owns The Tin Rabbit Antique Shop in Melrose Tx is having a Holiday Open House.  I've featured Ann several times and I can tell you this is one Open House you don't want to miss.  If you can't wait until then you can find her things at The Heritage Antiques Shop in Lufkin Texas.  I'll provide more details as time gets closer to her Open House.

 (Ann's beautiful home)

November 19: Holiday Open House at Gathering's Antique Shop in Georgetown Texas from 4:00pm to 7:00 pm.  Returning this holiday season they will have their famous Campagna Hot Pepper Jelly.  For those of you who joined them last year, remember the great cheesecake they served with crackers and the great Sparkling wine...all will be returning this year.  The jelly makes great gifts (it sold out last year!)!!  Here's their address: 1009 S Austin Ave, Georgetown, TX or you can call (512) 930-2600 for more details.

November 27-28: Holiday Open House at Winnie and Tulula's in Athens Tx.  This is a Christmas event not to be missed.  Check out their blog for more details.  The shop will be closed the week prior to the event and will not reopen until that Friday at 4:00 pm.  I'm really excited about the open house because I'll be decorating one of the windows; Lillie will be decorating the other window.  Please make plans to come out to this event and enjoy seeing all the Christmas displays as well as visiting and eating with friends.

(click on the picture for more details)

Hope to see you at least at one of the events.


  1. you are a plugging mamma jamma, I can't keep up with you Teresa. Your amazing. They all sound fun...and look delish.

  2. Thats another note for my to do list......Be in Texas in November. Miss you, can't wait to come back. Lauri

  3. So much shopping and so little time (and cash)!

  4. Texas is clearly the place to be....God's country!

  5. I so want to hit these shows! Love the pictures of Peg's always.

  6. Love that image of the first booth!!! Lovely!

  7. I can't decide whether you're the new Chikipedia, or a booster for the TX tourism bureau. Are you trying to get us all to move there???? Everyone knows that if I ever have to enter Witness Protection, I'll be in Austin.

  8. Sue, you are cracking me up!! Why not move here, never a dull moment and...always lots of antique shows and shops to go to. It's the best state ever, in my opinion of course!!

  9. lots of shopping to do this month....darn!

  10. Times a wastin' and we're burning daylight!

  11. wow- do you have so many cool events around you! Have a great time. Love how the white items pop off those chocolate walls!!

  12. I bet the decor in your office makes you feel better about being at work. Looks Great!



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