Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Devine Mrs. H

Yes, I am referring to Judy Hill.  You all know that today was her Open House and that she is the queen of design and vignettes and just has a knack of putting it all together.  I just about couldn't stand the fact that I was the first in line, heck I was the first one there.  It was cold and the wind seemed to cut right through you, but that did not stop me from waiting for the door to open.  She probably thought she was going to be stampeded with all the women that were eventually waiting in line.  I begged her to let me wait inside.  I wouldn't have touched anything, I just wanted to look (wink), but no that wouldn't have been fair, but I asked, it doesn't hurt to ask.  Okay, enough of my rambling, I know you want to look inside too:

Here's what was at the front door and on the porch as you walked up the side walk.

 This niche and pretty Mary were right inside the foyer.

 Her first bedroom was decorated so pretty in white and loved the effect she did above the bed.

Now that's a pretty headboard, don't you think.

 Her bedroom had more pretty white things and so much to see.

 The Dining Room was just so pretty with all the cloches.  Debra here's another idea for you to use cloches.


Look at all the gold accessories, doesn't it look so festive.

 This plate rack was in the Hallway, loved all the brown transferware.

 I took lots and lots of pics so you know this will take several posts to see it all.

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for so much more.


  1. wow, i'm impressed... first in line! looks fab as i figured it would. the table in the dining room is the one she bought from me at marburger. can't wait for more.



  2. Everything is fluffy, chippy heaven. That wrought iron bed with the curly-q's is wonderful, and that big zinc half container on the wall filled with hydrangeas is just gorgeous. Love those cloches, Theresa, and I guess they could double as a way to keep food warm! But I think I like the presents best! Great tour, more later? yeah!!

  3. I love the awesome headboard and what she did to the lighting above that dining table! I'm looking forward to more pics!

  4. Oh my! I do have a thing for plate racks - like how many are too many? Were you there to look or buy?

  5. Beautiful!!! The light fixture over the dining room table is amazing!!!

  6. WOW...I had soooo much FUN...can't wait to see more! Hope you have a FUN weekend!


  7. what a lovely home...thanks for sharing!!!

  8. I love her design work. The big zinc container on the wall is amazing. Thanks for sharing. Jan

  9. Wow! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Wish I could shop in Texas!

  10. This is the kind of reality show I could get on board for..."Welcome to the Hills"!

  11. Talk about cold, man. BRRRRR!
    I wonder what kind of crowd Canton had, I was wanting a cow hide rug... it will wait.

    Great tour! interesting ideas.

  12. Beautiful. It must have taken her months to get that all decorated so beautifully! I am so glad you got to go and that you shared with us who weren't so lucky!

  13. Big zinc/galvanized tin/whatever container over the love seat...WOW! That's the main thing that caught my eye. I also love what she did with the cloches, too.
    What a fun day!

  14. Enjoyed your pictures! I went once, many years ago, and enjoyed it!! ~Mandy


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