Friday, December 04, 2009

Judy's Open House ~ Part I

Before I continue with Judy's Open House, I just have to tell you that it actually snowed in my town today.  Yes, I know it snows in Texas, but to snow here is really a rare thing.  We so enjoyed it and wish I had taken pics but it was gone before I knew it.

As promised yesterday, here is the continuation of Judy's Open House.  This is just the first part of more to come.  As I mentioned I took so many pictures and to put into one post, well you would miss some of the great details and things that Judy had and put together.

Seeing her bedroom was just so pretty with all things she displayed here, from this beautiful dresser and mirror and lamps:

To the view outside her window and how pretty it was framed:


To the view in her bathroom, I don't think I've ever seen a prettier bathroom:


This post will show more into the first, second, and third bedrooms of her home as well as the bathrooms.  Click here to enjoy more of Judy's Open House.

There will be more to come tomorrow. Hope you keep warm, it's going to be a cold night in Texas tonight!


  1. doin my best to keep jealousy at bay!

  2. love the pics - #37 of 39 - it's upside down - but that was an awesome bathroom!!


  3. I LOOOOOOOOOVE that chair cover, sugar! Ohmygosh, how darling. I may have to make some for my kitchen chairs...
    Merry Christmas, sweet friend.

  4. Troy, I double checked and all the pictures are correct, none of them are upside down. Her house is just fabulous isn't it! Hope you all have a great weekend, T

  5. I absolutley love all of it, but that shower curtain is just a work of art!! Great photos, Theresa. I bet it was hard to take it all in!


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