Monday, January 04, 2010

A New Blog

My friend Jan Orr-Harter has a new blog, Dolly Johnson Antique and Art Show, to promote her new antique adventure.  Some of you may know Jan from the Marburger Antique Show, Hot Tamale Antiques is her business name.  She's been at Marburger for many years and has set up at other various shows as well as occassionally in Canton.

She's now the proud owner of the Dolly Johnson Antique show in Fort Worth Texas.  Her first show will be March 12-13 and you can read about all the details on her new blog.  I always enjoyed reading Jan's stories, which were written on her website, because you feel like you are right there.  She's a great writer and promoter of Marburger as well. 

If you are looking for an antique show in Texas for March, you might want to contact her since she had a few booths left.  You'll love working with Jan and I'm sure she's got some great ideas for the show.  Be sure and check out her blog. I wish you much success my friend!


  1. That's soooo much for the update...I will be going over to check out her blog now...I just love Canton...I have not been lately but would love to make a trip soon...maybe I can do Canton and her show on the same trip!


  2. love it...a new blogger! i'll check her out, thanks!

  3. Theresa, thank you for blogging about my new baby, the 47th Annual Dolly Johnson Antique and Art Show. Your blog is a masterpiece. Congratulations on being rated in the top tier of Vintage blogs nationwide for 2009.
    Perhaps, someday, you and I can tell the story of how we met. "Once upon a time, on a cold rainy night in Huntsville, Texas, an overloaded van crawled up to the only antiques store still open at 9:00 pm on a Sunday night..." It only gets better.
    Thank you and Cruz for your friendship, Jan Orr-Harter

  4. Aww that is close to me but is Bella's birthday weekend. :( No way will I be able to pull myself away from Bella on her first birthday not even for junk.

  5. Happy New Year Theresa. I will check out your friend's new blog now :)

  6. I will definitely check her out!



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