Saturday, January 30, 2010

Quinlan Texas-Jo Harmon

After we left Canton yesterday we headed on down the road to see Ms. Jo.  I love stopping by with her.  She always has a smile and the best things too, but I really enjoy talking with her as much as I enjoy shopping with her. She's one of the sweetest and most genuine people you'll ever meet.

Jo is located at the Hunt Country Trade Days in Quinlan Tx.  She always has things pulled on the outside and her space is packed with great things.  Many local vendors shop with her and if I lived closer I'd shop more often too.  Here's what you'll find at her place this weekend:

She always has lots of concrete items

And her husband is making these wonderful Valentine Metal Wreaths.

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If you are looking for gardening items, she has it.

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More new things she just brought in.

Most people would like to keep Jo a secret since she has such great things, but I think she needs to be shared more with others. She's always bringing new things in so you'll never know what you'll find with her.  You can find Jo at the Hunt County Trade Center, 9065 FM 751, Spaces #18 & 19, Quinlan, TX 75474; the trade center is open Saturday and Sunday each weekend.

I'll show you what I found in Canton and it will all be for sale during one of the next posts.  We also stopped at one other place, so check back to see where it was.


  1. Theresa, one of these days, I will make it to Texas and visit some of these wonderful shops that you frequent. :)
    I love those wire valentine swags.

  2. wish I had access to Jo cause her stuff looks fab! Did you buy a bunch of it? always fun to follow you on your adventures.



  3. Ditto what Lana said!! I will. In the meantime, thanks for sharing.

  4. Jo is my source of many great finds!!! She was an angel when my home was on the garden tour... I tell everyone about her. Many dealers gave me the cold shoulder because I gave away their source.. I am with you Teresa.. she is too good to keep secret... see you soon Jo! You rock.. hugs to you and you too Teresa.. (p.s. if you want hop over to my blog under junky finds label and see some of my treasures i snagged at Jo's)

  5. Theresa,ditto to what Lana said, too! eek. fabulous stuff...I'm starting a Texas piggybank right now. xo Lidy

  6. Those are the coolest Valentine's hearts I've ever seen, Theresa!

  7. I love shopping with Jo.
    I don't think she's a secret any more.

  8. oh, i want one of those heart wreaths! love it!


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