Saturday, January 09, 2010

Red Barn Antique Show

Guess what is one week from today?  Yes, you guessed it The Red Barn Antique Show in Round Top Texas and I can't wait.  It's seems forever since we've done a show and I'm ready to get back to what I love.  I'm working like crazy today trying to get everything ready, deciding what I will take, and making sure I'm not forgetting anything. 

Here are pics of my space previously at the Red Barn show:

We are bringing tons of Garden items (My booth will feel like a fresh Spring Day in the middle of Winter), wonderful chippy garden statues (wait until you see the white painted Mary statue-she is just awesome), benches (I have recently found two awesome white benches, one is very long and the other smaller and shorter), garden outdoor furniture, tons of ironstone, great garden signs, candleabras, birdcages, and so much more.  I can't wait to see you on Saturday morning, January 16th starting at 10:00am.  Hope you do make plans to attend.

I also got my computer back yesterday and I wanted to thank Debra for praying such a wonderful prayer as not losing my pictures and for the touching email I received from Karen of Blue Bird Heaven.  It may have seemed like something you may not have prayed about but when your most treasured pictures are on your computer and you haven't backed them up and you don't have an extra copy well it's sad to think you might lose them.  Especially the ones at Christmas that I haven't even got to enjoy.  I just want to say thanks to Debra and Karen and all that prayed, it worked.


  1. this is a beautiful blog. i will revisit frequently!!

  2. Your photos are gorgeous and I am very excited for you! I have a container coming in from France in a few weeks and I am so excited I can't even begin to put it in to words. I understand the feeling now ;)

  3. Your booth is filled with gorgeous treasures. So happy to hear the computer is mended!

  4. I am thinking of making the trip and coming to the show! I hope it all works out and I can get to see you and take home some of your great things!


  5. So happy to hear that your pictures are safe. I always think about losing my computer. I use a lap top and all of my pictures are on it too.
    Monday I think I will have the saved.
    So many memories and they could all be lost. Have a nice Sunday. sandi

  6. OH I wish I could go. I will be on crutches. Your booth was divine, I know that this year will be even better. Did you ever receive your package??

  7. See you there.
    P.S. So glad you didn't lose anything...that would have been a disaster not covered by insurance.

  8. I wish I could come to see you at the Red Barn show, Theresa. Your pictures are lovely. And who doesn't want to look at fabulous vintage garden things in the middle of winter!

  9. Yay, your computer is back!

    It sounds like your space is a definite must-see. Now get busy backing up those precious pics, girlfriend! :-)


  10. Theresa,
    It's been cold here pond was iced over as well. It was so nice to hear your voice the other day and I'm excited to come see you next Sunday. Till then...


  11. did you say "ironstone"! making a note now and will try so hard to come see you! hope you have a great show and a ton of fun!

  12. Hey girlfriend!

    Texan hubby and I will see you next my typical "Cajun tornado" style. LOL


  13. I wish I lived in TX! I am so ready to stock up on some fun things for spring. I think we are all so tired of the cold and ready to get our hands in the dirt and see some green grass! Good luck at the show!

  14. I am actually going to "be in the area" this Saturday. I will do my very bestest to get by the Red Barn Show.


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