Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shepard Hill Flowers and Antiques

The first time I walked into Shepard Hill Flowers and Antiques and saw this huge arbor built in the middle of the store I immediately thought how beautiful it was.  I've been frequenting this shop a lot lately, I'm not sure if it's the smell of fresh flowers or the antiques that are drawing me in.  They are also opening a Tea Room soon and I can't wait.  Our town hasn't had a Tea Room in a while and the last one we had was from the owner of this shop.

The owner Debbie Toney finds great antiques to showcase her things on.  Some of you may have remembered Debbie since she used to set up in Canton in the Arbors.  I believe she was near Laurie Anna's booth but it's been a few years since she set up there.

I've always thought what a great job it must be to be surrounded by fresh flowers all day.  Now, that's a dream job.

This white table has been calling my name.  I love that the leaves open on both sides or you could drop them down and the table is smaller.

This bird cage already had "sold" on it.

Love the old fencing and tallow berries.

Those red lockers are fabulous.  I hope the next time you drive through Huntsville you'll stop by and check this place out.  They even have yellow box shoes, clothes, candles and cards.  They are located at: 1700 11th Street, in Huntsville.


  1. I once had a real greenhouse inside my store was a wonderful place for display christmas I filled the entire thing with trees ...they poked out of the top as it had no glass in the roof ...

  2. I have some friends whose son is a Freshman in Huntsville (Sam Houston). This shop gives me a good reason to go see one of his Lacrosse games and go shopping! Thanks for the tip.

  3. Theresa, I don't think it can get any better than having flowers and antiques under the same roof! The very first shop I was in had flowers then started adding antiques...The antiques bacically took over the shop and the flowers went bye bye...I was always sad that they didn't try to keep the flowers in the shop. Hope your having a great week end.

  4. I always love your pictures Theresa! Thanks for the "eye candy"!
    Take care, Sue

  5. Oooh I will have to stop by there the next time I am in Huntsville. Sorry about the package comment is the pain pills. I was confused for a sec. LOl. Sorry. Have a blessed week.


  7. My parents had a little greenhouse built off of their living room when they lived in CT and they used it as a breakfast nook. Eating a hot breakfast out there in the morning, being warm and toasty with snow on the glass roof and little twinkle lights long the inside where the walls met the roof was almost too much beauty to bear.
    You find the most amazing places, things and people, T!
    xo Isa

  8. so many lovely things!

    my friend emily bought a birdcage to put the rapunzel doll she made for her daughter. it will hang high from the ceiling so that rapunzel's hair can casdade to the ground. how cool is that?


  9. gosh, those red lockers are too cute! can't believe you have time to blog and get ready for your show this weekend! you seem to do it all and gracefully at that! will be watching anxiously for the upcoming post you mentioned...hmmm...

  10. Oh when I saw the name of your blog I had to stop in. We are crazy about gardening too. Also loved Tasha's lifestyle. But the simple life isn't's hard work. We live in the country and love it. Everything hurts at night, but is forgotten by morning and we are energized again. During the spring and summer all of our labors pay off.


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