Monday, February 22, 2010

30 Days!!

Woohoo, 30 days until you can shop for miles and miles for the best Texas antiques and the countdown is getting closer and closer.  I'm sure 30 days will fly by just like this year has flown by. 

Here are 30 reasons why YOU DON'T want to miss coming out to the shows:

The Edythe Bates Old Chapel at Festival Hill
  1. Visit Festival Hill, you'll be in awe of the beauty of the grounds.
  2. There's more fun than the law should allow.
  3. Attend my Blog Party at Zapp Hall.
  4. Meet new friends.
  5. Find new vendors.
  6. Find all the putter pats or ironstone your shopping cart can hold.
  7. Looking for Industrial things, this can be found at the shows.
  8. You get to play dress up for the Junk Gypsy Prom at Zapp Hall.
  9. Visit the smallest Catholic church in Texas, located in Warrenton.
  10. Eat really good food.
  11. See so many pretty displays.
  12. Meet first timers that are at the shows.
  13. Find fun things that only you can see here.
  14. There's always a touch of magic in the vendors booths.
  15. You are sure to find what you are looking for.
  16. Attend opening show parties (Like the Clutter show).
  17. Attend shop parties (Leftover's Antique Shop comes to mind).
  18. Buy the most beautiful clothes you've ever seen, like Magnolia Pearl's.
  19. See some of the most beautiful country side you won't see anywhere else, the blue bonnets are especially pretty this time of year.
  20. Shop with vendors that are from other states, all in one location.
  21. Spend time hanging out and relaxing with your friends, try the Bubble lounge at Zapp Hall. 
  22. There are fields and fields of great vendors.
  23. Try something new to eat, like really good 7 cheese pimento cheese sandwiches on homemade bread at the The Saloon in Warrenton.
  24. Eat at Royer's in Round Top or at Zapp Hall.
  25. Want to shop late, we'll stay open.
  26. Laugh until your belly hurts and you are crying.
  27. Meet famous people (like Cat Daddy at Zapp Hall).
  28. Meet Jo Packham and Gina Galvin (at my Blog Party of course).
  29. Shop, shop and more shopping until you are so tired you'll be ready to do it again the next day.
And last but not least is:
30.  Finding some of the best junk this side of Texas.  You really need to come early for the best things to be found.

Hope to see you at Zapp Hall.  We are located directly in front of the Zapp Hall building.  If you are standing in front of the building, we are the only tent that backs up to the front of the building to your left.



  2. I sooooo wish I could attend! Going to mark my calendar to get there next year! Need a trip to the West so will plan around it.
    Hugh sigh I cannot met you this year! Would so love to shop your booth!

    Will have to click the show to see about selling there next year. Make a trip home to the West pay off.
    Cheers, cindykay

  3. So true, all 30 reasons!! Can't wait! See you there.

  4. I'm rallying the troops. I think we're gonna road trip it! Can't wait to meet you!

  5. It would be sooooo worth the trip. You've sold me.

    Keep Warm,

  6. Oh Teresa!!!!!You know girl I so want to be there!!! Working on Sept. Thanks so much for the info!!!Wishing you the best!!!

  7. I may be able to pull off a last minute trip there (I think that means sleeping in my car or driving forever to find an available hotel) but it would be worth it!

  8. Oh, oh...I can't stand it. I want to go so badly! I was talking with Shelley this weekend at the Mt. Dora show, and decided that we should start saving for a trip to Texas next March! Of course, she said it is really hard to find a place to stay...any suggestions?
    Have a great day!

  9. I'm so excited! You know that I'll be there for the duration of the whole show, right? I told my husband that I might never come version of running away with the circus! ;-)

    I need to check out that little Church, I just realized that I'll be in Warrenton for Easter. Gotta go to Easter vigil. :-)

    See you SOON!

  10. Will be there with bells on!!!!

    I'm still open for hire if you know of anyone needing free assistance.

    What time is your blog party?

  11. Love your new header... fabulous darling!! Hope to see you soon..... ((found anything you love yet?)

  12. AMEN, SISTAH! you forgot to tell them that once you attend the shows it's difficult NOT TO RETURN every 6 months! ox

  13. I wish I could but I don't even know who to talk to about a tent and I barely found a spot for my camper and I haven't even BEGUN to start getting ready....

  14. Can't wait for all the pictures again, they are just the best...and to meet Cat Daddy...well, that goes without saying...the countdown is on!!!

  15. I am soooooooooooo very sorry I had the link for Lisa's giveaway wrong. It is

    Hope you found it anyway. If not try this one. I have had a HARD week. We put our puppy down last Thursday & I am just not functioning well. Hope you have a wonderful day. Oh, I would love to come to the spring show. Do you have any suggestions for places to stay? Everywhere I have thought of is booked. Thanks Charlene

  16. Oh my gosh! I SO want to go. I just mapquested it, and it would be an almost 15 hour drive. Yikes! I am so darn tempted though. I'll see how the next few weeks play out.

  17. Nancy, Susie & Charlene, there are several good places to stay in Brenham and La Grange is even closer. Of course Austin and Houston are about an hour away and you will just have to google places, the local B&B's may still have openings. I think if you google Round Top/Warrenton Tx Hotels you should get a pretty good list of them. We stay in an RV park, so I'm not really sure where to stay. I will try and find out and do a post of places to stay.

  18. I'll be fact, meeting up with some new blog friends and bringing some "news media" with me!

    Stay warm in this awful "snowy" weather headed your way tonight (if it hasn't already met up with ya'll.)

    Don't forget to come by the Yaya for my HUGE VINTAGE give a way this week! xo...deb

  19.`s times like these that I wish I was near...

  20. Hi I'm new here!!! just started blogging Feb.13th got my first comuter Jan.12th i've been busy!!! I'm planning on going to Roundtop for the first time this year..any tips? We got a room in Benham..if you have the time drop me a your site. U R Cool!!

  21. Ok, you now have me salivating! Jennifer and I cannot wait! So much to see, so much to do...

    Thanks for the info.


  22. can hardly wait! so much fun just waiting for us! see you soon!

  23. I SO wanted to go to Texas next month with my Country Roads family. At least I know though, that I can "almost" be there thanks to your awesome blog!
    Take care, Sue

  24. You big big naught tease... I live in MD!!!! Have fun.... sugh, Jennifer stop by and see me! jennsthreegraces

  25. Sounds like a blast!
    Looking forward to it!

  26. Theresa, I have MORE than 30 reasons to be sad that I will miss it this spring. One of which is not seeing you again and your wonderful rustic romantic booth at Zapp Hall :( I am so bummed, but what can you do. At least I know pretty much everything you're talking about. Really, this is one show that should not be missed so anyone out there within driving distance, you gotta go!

  27. I can't wait to see you!!!! Yay! The blog party is going to be sooo much fun!

    See you there!


  28. #31 and the best would be that I get to meet YOU!! Oh, how I'd love to be there. It would be so wonderful for all your reasons! Hope you enjoyed the snow, but I'm sure it will be gone before you know it!

  29. This will be my first year going. Found a hotel room 29 miles away (which is walking distance for us in Tejas) for 3 junkin sisters and me. Can not wait to see what all the fuss is about! LOL

    Everyone with a booth or tent please email me with info so I can be sure to visit PLEASE

  30. Wow, one of these days the Pink Funny Farm Girls WILL get there!!! Your blog is beautiful, as always!


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